Muttonface – Raising a Child in the Light of the Seven

Posted: April 14, 2014 in INDIRECT ANGER
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TheSevenFacedGodKids today have so many choices thrown their way. Vegan? Vegetarian? Eating like a normal human? Christian? Atheist? Or maybe you can force this choice of religion on your child, the way so many parents do.

The one thing this parent has found is that raising a child in the light of the Seven in this modern day and age is difficult. The closest thing we have to a sept in my town is the local SEPTA (SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)  bus stop. It’s almost completely exposed to the rain and the transit police frown on me having my statues there.

Nonetheless, the process has been rewarding. I learned a great deal about masonry after I demolished my home and rebuilt the foundation to have seven sides. This turned out to be a zoning ordinance and I was forced to leave my housing development, and all the neighbors who’s houses I’d also improved. This abject poverty and homelessness to which my family and I are stricken has been nourishing for the spirit.

Besides vagrancy, a family who wants to bring their child up in the tradition of the Seven gods, the same gods worshipped by the Rhoynar, the Andals, and some First Men will soon find itself without the communal nature of religion itself. Very few families in the United States adhere to the Seven. Rather, they prefer the Three, which by any way one looks at the figures is a lesser faith.

The Three abide by a holy text, as do most religions. We of the Seven have the Seven Pointed Star. Unfortunately, there is no content to it. Living one’s life by a holy book with no content is also trying.

One does what one can, however. When I started randomly killing people in the name of the Stranger the authorities certainly frowned upon it. However, the ensuing legal “battle” was ended by reason of insanity when I demanded trial by combat. I’m not very martial so I asked Jason Statham to be my champion, by the way.

At my father’s funeral, it was assumed it was a Greek custom to have something over the eyes; this kind of misconception is common. A few thought I meant decorative coins and I don’t mind telling you my widowed mother protested when I insisted on painted rocks.

Family matters are always difficult, no matter what the faith. My sister is rather indiscriminate when it comes to matters of the bedchamber. I say that because I am uncomfortable calling her a harlot. When I suggested she join the Silent Sisters she about hit the roof…if her trailer had a roof.

In short, families who wish to celebrate the love and light of the Seven gods with their children should look forward to just a bit of serenity in their lives, followed mostly by hardship, and loneliness.


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