Lady Shelly: Why The Wall IS

Posted: June 30, 2014 in INDIRECT ANGER


Once again the Army of Anger has been called upon to defend the word of GRRM and strike down all book burners who wish to desecrate his work. Today at work, I was speaking with one such book burner about the abomination that is Game of Thrones and he said something so ridiculous, so idiotic, so enraging that I felt compelled to rectify this situation immediately.This coworker, Mark, ACTUALLY thinks the Wall was built for a place for bastards to hang out whilst defending the realm against the wildlings.

But, with the way that HBO has portrayed the Wall, I am not surprised. Most people HATE watching scenes at the Wall and the majority of women viewers just want to watch these scenes to see Jon Snuh’s pretty hair blowing in the wind.


Let’s make it exceedingly clear that the Wall was NOT built to keep the Wildlings out. The cesspool known as the HBO Game of Thrones wiki page tells you that it was created to defend the realm against the Wildlings, but this is not true!!!!!! The Wildlings just had the unfortunate luck of living on the wrong side of the Wall! The Wall was built 8,000 years prior by Brandon “The Builder” Stark after a period of dark and despair known as “The Long Night”.


In this time period, the Others appeared. The Others were a demonic race that hailed from the “Lands of Always Winter” and raised wights to help them fight (the Others and the wights are indeed different, perhaps a topic for another time) and were eventually defeated by the hero Azor Ahai. However, a prophecy stated that the Others would return to wreak havoc upon the realm. Bran the Builder enlisted the help of the Night’s Watch to erect the massive wall of ice and stone to seal the “Lands of Always Winter” off from Westeros. The structure is said to be 700 feet tall and 300 miles long. This is quite different than the daft statement from Samwell Tarley of 500 miles long that we had to witness in the enthralling episode entitled “Mhysa”.

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