Lady Shelly: Dear Show Watcher

Posted: July 14, 2014 in INDIRECT ANGER


Dear Show Watcher,

I am writing on behalf of the fans of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire (AKA The Game of Thrones Books) to ask that you join us. There is so much more to the books than the TV show. The books are unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Quite frankly, the TV show is at best, a watered down, numbing attempt at bringing the world that GRRM has created to life. I confess that I too started off as a show watcher (shocking, I know) but I was so enamored with the characters that I needed more. It’s like the show was only allowing me to see what THEY deemed interesting or entertaining and not what GRRM intended when he wrote his novels. You are not getting the full story! They are hiding the truth from you! I have read all 5 of the (current) books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series multiple times and each time I read them, it’s brand new to me. Each time I read one of the books I learn something new or pick up on something I hadn’t seen before.


(the true Iron Throne)

The main reason why I love these books is because the characters are so REAL. You can identify with ANY of them on so many levels. Maybe you have a sibling or friend that you love more than anyone else in the world. You have a bond that is so strong that you two say the same things at the same time. This describes the bond that Arya and Jon share. The show doesn’t let you see that, save for one moment when Jon gave Arya her sword, Needle. To Arya, “Needle was Jon Snow’s smile.” *Cue the feels* When the sword is taken from her, it hurts her because Jon gave it to her, not because it was just something that belonged to her! These complex character points of view are not demonstrated in the show!! How many of you know why Tyrion killed his father, Tywin? If you think it’s because Tywin was sleeping with Shae (WHICH IS WHAT THE SHOW WANTS YOU TO THINK) then you are incorrect. What if I told you that Jaime and Tyrion don’t sit around and talk about beetles, but instead Jaime reveals a secret to Tyrion that instills such rage in him that he commits murder? If you want to know what that secret is, read A Storm of Swords. It makes things much more interesting, and the pain so much more real.


(the true House of the Undying)

Each chapter is told from one character’s POV. This allows the reader to experience their thoughts and emotions in a way that is not visible on the show. Let’s take Jaime Lannister for example. In the first book, many people don’t like him. Show watchers ESPECIALLY hate him. I was one of them! But I was told to read the books and that would change. It’s true, my mind did change and now he is one of my favorite characters. At first he’s this pompous jerk that pushes poor Bran out of the window after being caught having sex with his twin sister Cersei. Instead, through the show, what you don’t get to see is how much Jaime actually loves Cersei. How she is the only woman that Jaime has ever been intimate with, and that he took a place in the Kingsguard just to be near her! One of the best scenes of season 3 is the bathhouse scene when Jaime tells Brienne exactly WHY he killed Aerys the Mad King. That chapter is one of the most powerful in the entire series and seriously, if you don’t get goosebumps when he says “Jaime, my name is Jaime” before he passes out, then you have no soul. Furthermore, you get to experience his descent into depression and despair after the loss of his hand. Plus, witness the effect that Brienne’s company has upon him. The show watcher will never understand Jaime Lannister, especially after the holocaust of the rape scene in season 4 (it wasn’t rape in the book btw). Why do you think so many of us were raging after that abomination of an episode?! The bookburners ruined Jaime! Right as he was starting to become admirable (saving Brienne from rape) they make Jaime a rapist!!!!! I want to punch a wall just thinking about it.

@Axechucker said it perfectly when he tweeted (paraphrasing His Grace GRRM), “The reader lives a thousand lives. The show watcher sees boobs.” This is one of the biggest problems between the show and the books. Yes, there are many sex scenes in the books, but nothing like the gratuitous soft core porn that HBO is known for showing (see Craster’s Keep and Littlefinger’s brothel for examples). Many people that I try to convince giving the books a chance think there will be too much sex and they don’t want to read because of that. This isn’t that smut 50 Shades of Grey people!!!!!!! As far as the violence, you got me there. At their core, this series is essentially a power struggle. War is upon the realm and there is fighting and death. Yes, the Red Wedding is pretty horrible. But what if I told you it’s not quite as bad as the show because Robb’s wife isn’t present at the wedding? WHAT?! NO PREGNANT TALISA?!? Nope, no pregnant Talisa. No unborn baby being stabbed to death, which for me was the worst part of the Red Wedding when I first watched it. Wanna know what DOES happen? Read A Storm of Swords. (Spoiler Alert – Talisa doesn’t even EXIST). That’s truthfully why I read the books. I was so curious to know what was going to happen after that catastrophic event that I ordered the books from Amazon the day after the show aired.

Truly, I could go on and on about why the books are so superior to the show, but I think that you should find out for yourself. These books are more than just books. Surely there must be something transcendentally special about them if AngryGoTFan is willing to kill everyone’s puppies whenever the show desecrates them, right? So, read the books. You have plenty of time before Season 5 starts and by then, you can join us, The Army of Anger, in upholding the word of our savior GRRM. I leave you with a quote from His Grace:


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”


Done in the Light of the Lord,

Faithful Army of Anger Bannerman

Lady Shelly




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