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Greetings to those who love the books written by George R.R. Martin. I am writing because there has been some false doctrine based on foolish theories going around! These things sprout up like mushrooms after a long rain when the book burners (whose name I will not mention but are known amongst us who are faithful to the writings of GRRM, as “D and D”) stray from the books! 

D and D have destroyed the work of GRRM. Their false teachings have caused us to go astray with all of these falsehoods! Now, you have folks who know who GRRM is and watch the show and they know that another season of terror and violence portraying itself as the true doctrine of GRRM has been shown to the world.

But there are those in the world who have not and will not follow such foolishness, we shall see proof of that later.

Now let us look at some theories added by the profane show.  Brienne meeting Arya to begin.  Why would Brienne meet Arya?  Brienne was looking for Sansa yet because she runs into Hot Pie who isn’t afraid of telling total strangers with Lannister gold about the location of his friend, informs them of Arya’s possible location and it is actually the same location as Sansa, the Vale of Arryn! How convenient!!

Why?  Why? Brienne then gets into a strapping match with a man who, by all records of the masters of Oldtown,  has approximately 10 stone more muscle than she does. Yet she defeats him, a person who cleaved a man in half during the battle of Blackwater Bay, and loses track of Arya.

What?  Another foolish attempt which causes readers and non readers to doubt Brienne’s course laid out in the books! Brienne is in search of Sansa and ONLY Sansa in, “A Feast for Crows” read her chapters over and over again and you will not be deceived!

Stannis and Davos.  Stannis my dear beloved in the works of GRRM has suffered hatred at the hands of D and D.  Stannis has assaulted Melisandre, committed adultery (which the books has neither confirmed nor denied), and went to Braavos himself to beg of coin.  What? 

So, what happens in the books you ask? Well Stannis sends Davos to win over House Manderly! Davos didn’t show up to liberate The Night’s Watch!  Stannis, poor Stannis who is shown as a religious fanatic on the show while in the sacred texts that have been defiled, Stannis is a full blown atheist!

Stannis’ parents perished before his eyes and he would never have praise of any god.  Oh. .  The horrors of such error!!!  

Now even knowledgeable book readers are fighting to see if Stannis is The Great Other or if Stannis will marry Daenarys!!!

What more can be said of the profane? A “butchy” looking Asha Greyjoy, a Ygritte that has clean white teeth, a Tormund Giantsbane who is a brutal butcher, Thenns who look like Orcs,  unnecessary orgy scenes, and The Red Viper of Dorne played by someone who is as pale as a ghost!!!!!

More and more the demolition of the sacred works of GRRM continues?  Now the show will surpass and spoil GRRM’s works? Or will they?

No matter what D and D do, they will not do it well. They will never equal the power that is in the truth of The Books. So I urge thee with all true passion that you read and re read the books in season and out of season so that you will not be as those on Twitter or fan sites and other social media where folks spout foolishness but proclaim to be experts. Instead you will be a mature book reader, ready to toss the foolishness of D and D aside and patiently await the completion of the series by the one truth author, the one truth father of A Song of Ice and Fire, his name GRRM! 
GRRM does not allow fan fiction, not only for legal reasons, but because it is his work, it is his brain and his ideas as there is no interpretation save for those of GRRM, not even his most trusted confidants are GRRM.  Even though some foolishly think that there access to GRRM makes them his equal, NO!

The public knows this fact; people know this in their souls.  That is why D and D have never won an Emmy for, “Best Drama” nor have they won one for their betrayal of GRRM’S texts known as, “writing.” 

So read the books. .  Because television is the same medium that made The Great Harlot of House Kardashian multi millionaires in golden coin.

Your friend in the books,

Servant On Ice,

Book reader since 2011


  1. You’re just too obsessive of the books, and claim to be some “experts”. But you’ve failed in your life, and you want bully people.

  2. watcheroftheshows says:

    Wow this really reads like the writings of a zealot! Well done if that is what you were going for! 😀 I’ve read the books and am disappointed in some of the changes, but it is a different medium and story telling has to be different. I will still watch the next season to see what they do but am resigned to the fact it won’t be exactly like the books but still love the production values of the show and interpretations of the characters

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