Posted: September 8, 2014 in INDIRECT ANGER


With the recent news that Hodor will not be seen in season 5 of Game of Thrones, there’s been a lot of opinions about what this means for the show. For the first time both show watchers and book readers are in the dark. But what I think that most book readers can agree on is that after 4 years, enough is enough when it comes to these unnecessary changes!!!! In fact, with taking out an amazing character like Hodor, its is clear and transparent that the writers of the TV show and the HBO executives have no clue, no idea at all why we, the fans, love this series. Gone is the mystery, intrigue, and characterization, and in its place is Michael Bay style action, needless globs of expository dialogue, and instead of deep, relevant backstory we get KLOO KLOO KLOO!!!!!

Let’s be honest, season 1 was phenomenal.  The storytelling on the show felt authentic and true to the word of GRRM. You could practically follow along in your book as you watched the show!   But each year, things seem to slip further and further away from the books.  This show is no longer what the fans want!  Each season has become more like “fan fiction” and less like canon. This  show is almost unworthy of being heralded as “based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire”!!!!

Season 2 started off well enough but soon began the ascent into fan fiction the moment we were introduced to Talisa. Talisa?! Robb marrying for love instead of honor or duty?! Excuse me, what is this some horrible ABC Family channel drama that should give you a warm and fuzzy feeling?  Oh and how about Arya serving Tywin at Harrenhal. Do you really think that a man as intelligent and observant as Tywin Lannister wouldn’t recognize a STARK?! Especially one that looks just like her father?! And seriously don’t get me started about The House of the Undying farce. One of the most important chapters in the books and key material is left out. But don’t worry! Jason Momoa makes a cameo! So much better!!

Season 3 just as egregious. The Red Wedding calamity?  Pregnant Talisa getting stabbed?! What? I mean why is that necessary? Oh and the Theon torture porn! Totally necessary bc you know, having sex before you get your penis chopped off is obviously needed! These created stories added nothing to the story. In fact, both were purely for shock value/ratings. You know what would’ve given higher ratings?  The true word of GRRM!!!!

Season 4. Oh season 4. The season that should’ve been the best.  The season that EVERY book reader was looking forward to. Altar scene? RAPEY JAIME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHYYYYY?!?!?!? THEY DESTROYED HIM!!!! How about the cute battle at Craster’s keep? “Your sister” instead of “Only Cat”?! Beetles instead of Tysha? And Lady Stoneheart.  Where oh where is Lady Stoneheart (you had better answer “the Riverlands” or else you’re excommunicated from the Army of Anger)?!  Pyp, Grenn and Jojen all die? *Excuse me while I jump through the moon door*

Season 5 is going to be the furthest away from the books. There’s still so much amazing material yet to be covered and we’re not going to get it (see Arianne, Victarion and Damphair for a few examples). This is not the show that we want! This is not the show that we DESERVE. This show is no longer worthy of its affiliation with his Grace GRRM.  This show has become a cheap replication of the sacred texts! You know what you have to do. You have to read. And after you read,  READ AGAIN.

By Lady Shelly

  1. John says:

    Some very true points but I think Arya serving Tywin was a great adjustment. Shouldn’t Roose Bolton be able to easily recognize her, rather than Tywin? Don’t mind the love story with Robb because that stupidity on his part still makes his demise tragic. Of course Talisa was going to get stabbed somewhere if she’s at the red wedding, and honestly with Theon it would be harder to film with him if he didn’t have some fingers so the show way was better, and showed the cruelty of Ramsay. I’d rather have Brans storyline skip a season because his stuff was so stupid last year, those action scenes were rubbish. But ya Season 4 was complete garbage.

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