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Season 5 of the atrocity that is Game of Thrones is quickly approaching and for the first time, book readers will be in the dark for much of the season. D&D have said that this upcoming season is going to deviate further from the books than ever before, so it is imperative that we discuss the known deviations from the books before the mummer’s farce begins!!

1) We all know that D&D love to create characters (looking at you Talisa) and season 5 promises to be no different. The upcoming season is going to focus heavily on the North and primarily the Boltons after their capture of Winterfell. In order to secure Winterfell and maintain the loyalty of the Northern bannermen, it seems that Ramsay will need a bride and whaddya know? Arya Stark is INDEED alive!! If we all remember back to A Storm of Swords, Jeyne Poole, the bff of Sansa Stark, is dressed up with a pretty wolf brooch and sent off the Winterfell to pose as Arya Stark and marry the newly legitimized Ramsay Bolton. Jaime tells Brienne that with most of the Starks being dead and Jon at the Wall, there will not be anyone there to dispute these claims. Alright, so now that we’re all caught up on the back story, you might be wondering where I’m going. Well, has anyone seen Jeyne since season 1 on Game of Thrones? Anyone? Nah, I didn’t think so. You know who we have seen though? Ramsay’s girlfriend Myranda. Who is Myranda? Well she is the lovely brunette that helped sexually excite Theon Greyjoy before he was castrated by Ramsay. She also takes part in one of Ramsay’s hunting expeditions and is seen having sex with Ramsay while Asha is giving her “speech” about saving Theon from the Dreadfort.


2) The whole “fArya” (fake Arya) storyline is actually pretty important not only to the character of Jeyne Poole, but to Theon Greyjoy as well. Why? Well up to this point, Theon’s character arc is still a little murky. Yes, Theon is sorry for the betrayal of Robb. And yes, Theon is sorry for the events that happened at Winterfell, but it is through his discovery of fArya as Jeyne, that we finally see his arc begin to clear. The reader, and show watcher for that matter, can now begin to empathize with Theon. We can now see that Theon is truly and deeply sorry for what he has done. How will he achieve this without Jeyne? How will Theon reach this crucial precipice of his very character development with some random wench posing as Arya? What is she to him other than some girl that helped brutalize and humiliate him?  NOONEUNDERSTAAAAAAANDS!!!!


3) There’s also the matter of Myranda herself. How in seven hells is she going to prove that she is Arya Stark? See, when it was Jeyne, since she was the daughter of Ned Stark’s steward and lived at Winterfell, she could easily answer questions that were posed to her. Who is Mikken? Gage? Farlan? Hullen? Myranda has no idea who these people are and I seriously doubt that she will be able to convince Stannis Baratheon that she is Arya Stark. This is going to be near impossible, especially after Stannis has seen Jon and knows what a Stark is supposed to look like. In my opinion, this substitution is one of the worst that D&D have done because it ruins so many interwoven storylines.

by Lady Shelly

  1. Vic Sage says:

    Too bad that Martin has no problem with any of this.

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