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by Servant On Ice   

ROFF: I want to see those canons firing, I want smoke and flame.
JOSE: We are taking on water . . . on the starboard side, we have taken too many hits, we need to break . .
ROFF: No break, fire, fire away . . if we go to the seven hells let us drown on the way . . .
JOSE: I’m not going to any hell . . not today at least . . . . we need to break off . .
Quarter Master Barnes: Shut up both of you, ROFF I need you in the aft, below on the moss deck, I need you to bring powder to the forward guns . . . before they try to .

ROFF: To Arm . . To arm To . . . (dies from a gun shot)
SHELNITRA: Fight and do not yield (gets knocked unconcscious by a canon blast)
JOSE: ARGHHHHHHH .. . (dies from gunshot wounds) . .
Quarter Master Barnes: I’ll take you Shelnitra .. I need her to live (takes Shelnitra’s Body, jumps over board . . in the chaos he is lost, boat sinks, fires burn, wreckage at seas . . ships sail away, Barnes and Shelnitra float . . for a few days until they are picked up by a fishing boat).
Quarter Master Barnes: Okay, Shelnitra . . now we are safe for now but as soon as we land in Tychum the Customs Officers will turn us over . . we are going to have to change our names . . and our professions.
Shelnitra: Well, what can we change? I’m so sore, what happened, how did those ships move on us so fast???
Quarter Master Barnes: Dave . . Dan . . the Lords from Diamond Coast . . . they sent out there Man O Wars . . 10 of them to seek us out . . those monsters . . . they will do what they can to make sure . .
Fisherman Bill: 10 minutes to port . . .
Shelintra: Well, we part . . . when shall I see you again?
Quarter Master Barnes: When Never happens . . beware the Customs Officers will turn you over to the agents of those Diamond Coast tyrants.
Shelintra: Bye . .
Quarter Master Barnes: Bye . . .
Dressed in a black suit, with gold trim, there is a large brown man, with a goatee and bald head, he sings songs, he claims to be some sort of Monk .. or something of one of the gods .. he is traveling on horseback . . he has a round belly with stretch marks he is heading into the town of Thronti and looking to meet his friend. A pale white man, with milk skin, red hair and full of rage.
blakc friar
Monk Lin: Hey my friend, let us have some fried chicken and some cold lemon water . .
Titus: No, not for me me, Dave and Dan have destroyed our ship!!! Our crew is lost, and those 10 Man O Wars they have patrolling the coast, we can’t get our copies of the books out, without us transporting these books, I can’t believe they claimed to be of the books but they do these attrocities . . .
Monk Lin: Dave and Dan (spits) are monsters . . they have resources we don’t have . . what shall we do? If they have money, they have supporters, they have cut throats and they have laws, how did he die?
Titus: He was eating pasta salad, I think they poisoned him . . . I think they . (crying, turning red with rage, snot coming from his nose).
Monk Lin: Well, he’s dead, we have his books, his letters, we have volumes of things, he entrusted you, but there is one thing,the book that unlocks all the secrets is being held by Dave and Dan, they are unstoppable.
Titus: Why do you pray? He never prayed, he never believed in any gods or God ..
Monk Lin: I pray because of the light shown to me . . that is why . . . too late now,he’s gone . .
Titus: I understand, we need a new plan . . . .. .
Monk Lin: I have an idea . . . . . . . . .
Titus: (Drinking Ale) Speak away . . . . Speak Away . . .
So the plan was shared . ..
So on the city of New Anise . . there is an auction for Wenches, outside the city lies the 500 acre Estate of Dave and Dan . . the Rulers of the Diamond Coast . . . .
Auctioneer: Who wants a wench? I have a wench here, dirty, found at the port. Unbranded and for sale . .. she is short, but of good face and not worn . . .
Steffan: How much for her?
Auctioneer: Hmmmm I have her for 20 scales is that good?
Steffan: Twenty??? Hmmmmm she loooks fair. Sort of boxy, light brown skin . . I will take her who else?
Auctioneer: I have a serving girl, she is thin, brown, hair, she is young but she is a good serving girl, she is strong, plain but strong and she is a serving girl, not a wench.
Steffan: Okay, I will . . wait, how much?
Auctioneer: 15 scales . ..
Steffan: Make it 12 . .
Auctioneer: Jol and Pitts want her . .
Steffan: Jol and Pitts are overrated slogs . . . (spits) they have enough servants and wenches and pages for all . . she’s a spoiled brat and he’s a pretty boy tyrant . I will do it for 13 . .
Auctioneer: Done . . . take them away.
Steffan to the Wench: Look here, you will be tossed in the Wench Pit near the west pool . . have fun sweating it out . . LOL . ..
Steffan to the Servant Girl: Hello Love, you have a name? Doesn’t matter, the kitchens for you and if you are unstable . . . you also will end up in a wench pit . . the one for the guards and grounds keepers.
He took both ladies in chains, put them in the back of his cart, and took them off with the driver, they headed to the city, past the stench of the stone streets and smell of nightsoil and smoke from ovens and fires all over the town . . as they left the greys and blacks turned to lush green, hills, lands, and well manicured shrubs . . it is a huge place with white statues designed after great figures from times past . .Bal the Warrior, Frisby and the Stone Rats, Tramp and Tully, and so many more . .
So the wench pit is what it describes, mass cells filled with women sitting around until they are needed for pleasure, a harem? No not that nice, just women on beds, four to a cell, they sit and wait, for meals, for chores, to be used . . . the Eunuch Soren is in charge of the pit.
SOREN: Who’s coming out now? Ah, a new one, short, not really curvy . . hmm . . strong teeth, clean body . . . not worn, but not new either . . . you have children?
Wench: Starts crying . .
SOREN: Ah, a new one eh? Put her in the cell with the 3 Gentles, those ladies are nice, they will comfort her until she’s needed for the big feast . .
She is placed in a cell with a redhead, a woman as black as ebony, and a tall thin blonde with huge . . . teeth and freckles.
Blondie: Yeah, is that you? New lady . . welcome . heh, heh, heh,
Reddie: Sommmeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr rainsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Ebonie: No, please no singing,she’s in pain . .
Reddie: Painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Ebonie: Stop singing . . NOW!!
Reddie: Hm, Hmm, Hm. . . . . okay . . buti like to sing along . . pain is better with a song . . .
Blondie: Pain is coming, unless you were a wench already . . . pain is coming the festival will be like no other . that author died . . . they have the final book . . they are going to burn it so they will use their interpretations for the secret texts . even if they are not what The Author . .
Reddie: YEssssss, Mister STeffan does talk after he . … enjoys us . . he he he . Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Blondie: No singing . .yesh . . Steffan told us they poisined his pasta salad . . . now it is all theres and in time, we will forget his books and his books will be
Wench: Stop . .. I don’t want to hear anymore . . when do we eat.
Ebonie: When I say so, let me see what you got, remove your clothes . .
Wench: Touch me, just once and lose your teeth . .
Ebonie: Oh, you are tough? (Tries to sucker punch Wench)
Wench: (Catches Ebonie, twists her arm behind her back, locks behind her throat and pushes her to the floor)
Ebonie: (Gasping) Wow you . . are strong I yield . .
Wench: I don’t do yielding . . .
Reddie: Don’t killlllllllllllllllllll they like her . . Dan likes her . . .. . . he will give us to the Guards and Grounds Keepers then string us uppppppppppppppppp like chickens to die in the sun . .
Wench: (Releases Ebonie)
Ebonie: (coughing) You are tough, an Iron Wench . . . that is your name . . (gasping) Irons . .
Irons: I am tired, when do we get outta here.
Blondie: When we exerecise, they need to keep us in shape, we exercise we eat, we bathe every third day, to keep us clean, they give us the potions so there are no kids, but we know at the end, we are either sold or given away.
Irons: Sold . . .
The all sat down, and such was calm, until the night of the great feast.
So the great feast of Dave and Dan Came and the Estate was filled with hundreds of guests, all there in fine clothes, tons of servants, tons of food, and sparkling gold wines, tons of expensive food and liqours by the hogsheads.
Dave: I am here, I am here and we are happy to have you all our guests to stand here, to be on our lands, to understand that we are in love with the truth and while the Author has passed, we shall carry on as we burn his final work, as we ourselves will be the teller of all truths from now one.
Dan: So, so we shall . . let us party my brother, let us party and enjoy our victory.
Steffan: Masters, when do you want that Eunuch to bring in the Wenches?
Dave: During the call after we eat, we want out guests to enjoy them, any good ones?
Steffan: Got a new cutie from the docks, cute, clean, short, boxy, brown hair, light brown eyes, brown skin, and no I haven’t used her yet .. . . all the new for you and the guests.
Dan: Any pages? for those who like the some sausage and peppers?
Steffan: Pages too, all clean, all well fed and sober for tonight’s pleasures.
Dave: Good . .. do you have the book for us to burn?
Dan: Yes, I have it, the final work The Author . . . oh he will be remembered for this . .
The party continues, Dave and Dan bring everyone after dinner into a huge room with marble floors, fine mother of pearl works all over the place, gold, silver, platinum, just a beauty long windows line the hall to show the blackness outside, only with the lamps of the grounds keepers have placed to so guests can walk the gardens and have some fun in them.
Soren: Steffan, they are here . . .the Wenches are ready . . .
The wenches and pages walk in. The ladies in white and brown plain dresses, the bows in black pants and shirs with white ties around their necks like bows. All colors, but all young, not too young, but ready to be selected like the treats on silver platters.
Dave: I like this new one, bring us her . . bring us the new one . . . yes
Dan: Yes, we will have fun breaking her in, and bring us that new serving girl she can watch . . she may be a wench before the morn.
Dave: Yes. Steffan have Soren bring the new serving girl and the new wench to our chambers, after a tustle and some food, we shall come back and burn the book.
Steffan: It shall be done . .
SO DAVE AND DAN RETIRE TO THEIR TOWER, A BEAUTIFUL ONE WITH A HUGE ROOM, WITH BEDS,SILKS, COLORS, SCENTS, AND ON a table a huge blue book with a brown binding holding it together.
Soren: My Masters, here is the wench, and here is the serving girl, she will watch and give you foods to renew yourself as you enjoy the new . .
Dave: Go
Soren: Yes . . .
Serving Girl: Sparkling White or Ale M’Masters?
Dan: Sit down . . . and shut up . .
Dave: So new wench, undress let us see you . . .
Iron Wench: I have an issue Masters please don’t be cross, I have an issue before I get naked.
Dan: What is it?
Dave: Serving Girl, feed her . give her fruit, she should be ..
Iron Wench: No, not that . . . I am good but I want to say this one thing . . Ten . . .
Dan: Ten what?
Iron Wench: Ten man of Wars couldn’t kill me . . SOREN!!! BARNES!!!
The Door Breaks Open, Barnes comes rushing in with Soren . who looks like a fat Monk Monk Lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave: Guards!!!! (A shot is fired muffled, he goes down)
Dan: NO, (A shot is fired he goes down)
Dave: Why? Why?
Sheltrina: You tired to kill me, I have done this to save the book and avenge the Author . . .
Dan: Why???
Sheltrina: I am his daughter, and you are both going to see him . . in the after worlds . .
Sheltrina: Then watches as they pass into the darkness . and takes book.
San Sum: Come, I learned while playing the role of the Serving Girlt the back way out, Titus is waiting.
They escape down a private way and find Titus there with horses and race across the grounds and out past the gates.
Monk Lin: Okay when we get over the far hill on the East, I have a surprise . . .
Titus: Here, now you better make sure this works Monk Lin or no more meat fruit for you!!!!!!
Titus lights a pile of smoke, as it races a light, a flame in the dark . . . towards the grounds, soon across the acres, to buildings and explosiosn happen . . . buildings are shaken, and doors come up, pages and wenches escape . . and fires break out, chaos happens as the estate goes up in flames and explosions.
Monk Lin: Gun powder it is called, I brought it from Mar Mar of the East.
Titus: You are always flirting with women!!! You are a terrible Eunuch!!
Monk Lin: I’m no Eunuch, I just played one to save his book.
Sheltrina: My father’s last book, we pirated the seas, Quarter Master Barnes, what shall we do? Publish it? Read it? What?
Barnes: Titus?
Titus: Hmm, we shall reprint it using that printing press thingie we got from TyLos. We will let people know The Author did not perish in vain . .
So it ended, this is my story, the story of Monk Lin and how we fought against tyranny. We noble pirates, we noble men, doing all we can to defeat the evil of Dave and Dan. What will you do with the book? With the final thought? Believe a lie? Or belive the author.
Sheltrina: Good statment Monk Lin. I miss my father .
Titus: I understand, but I know this, I will keep his memory alive in writing.

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