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UPDATE: Confirmed by Eps 1-4 of Game of Thrones Season 5

We, the leal and faithful book readers, are slowly approaching the abyss that is season 5 of Game of Thrones where uncertainty looms and potential spoilers are ready to take us all unawares. Recently Sophie Turner said in an impromptu interview that she filmed a “traumatic” scene for season 5.

This isn’t exactly new news as Elio Garcia said in an interview with Vulture in January 2014 that he had read some portions of The Winds of Winter which included a “Sansa chapter that’s sure to be controversial.” Naturally, the ASoIaF/GoT universe exploded with curiosity and began to wonder what it was. Would something terrible happen to her? Would she murder Littlefinger or Sweetrobin? And with the filming of season 5 now complete, interest in the controversial Sansa scene has been renewed.

That being said, we DO know that something is going to happen in TWoW, but will that translate to the show?  Or will we be getting a D&D creation?

After the Sophie interview I headed over to  to see if there was any additional information and saw a comment by a poster named Max. Max posted that an extra on Reddit claimed that the “traumatic” scene was going to take place in the bedroom between Sansa, Theon and Ramsay (obviously taking the place of the scene with Jeyne, Theon and Ramsay).


I immediately told the Lord of Anger of this comment and began a frantic search on Reddit to find the original post. I cannot find it. It may be hidden deep in the cesspool of r/gameofthrones or buried deep in comments in r/asoiaf. In the past when news of this magnitude was announced, it took social media by storm. Think back to when we all found out Jaime was headed to Dorne?! Reddit was on fire, AngryGoTFan required resuscitation and both Watchers on the Wall and Wicnet had the story. I haven’t seen anything about this Sansa/Theon/Ramsay scene. I don’t think that these comments about the reddit poster are true, but if you have seen the alleged reddit post, let us know.

Nevertheless, extras have posted to reddit before and have been correct, so we can’t just dismiss this comment. The most important thing, however, is finding out if this is a D&D creation or the potential spoiler for TWoW.

Game of Thrones fans have been conditioned to expect controversial/traumatic events: Jaime’s maiming, the Red Wedding complete with stabortion, Joff’s choking to death and Oberyn’s caved in skull. While traumatic, all of these events had a special D&D ABBERATION so will this traumatic scene that Sansa filmed be as well? When one thinks of a traumatic event, especially when a female is concerned, rape often comes to mind. We’ve seen rape in every season of Game of Thrones, but never in such a prominent character as Sansa (perhaps the altar scene with Cersei and Jaime but ive blocked it from my memory) but this would be a first. A rape scene with Sansa, Theon and Ramsay seems even a little disgusting for D&D though. But in order for any of this to happen several things must be discussed:


1) The location of Sansa and Littlefinger. We don’t know where they were headed after she morphed into Darth Sansa, but in July there were confirmed reports of her filming in Ireland in close proximity to Brienne and Pod. Many people were speculating that the three would meet up since Brienne and Pod were close enough to the Vale that it didn’t seem impossible. As far as Littlefinger is concerned, he was photographed on set in Croatia in full costume earlier this summer. We know that Littlefinger doesn’t go back to KL in AFFC or ADWD so this is surely some D&D creation. But what is he doing there and does it have anything to do with Sansa?

2) Why would Littlefinger send the only (presumed) living child of his one true love, Cat, to a man known for murder, rape and torture? What would Petyr gain? Though he has not stepped foot in the castle, he is the Lord of Harrenhal. Not only is he a great lord , but he is the Lord Protector of the Vale until Robert Arryn comes of age. That is an immense amount of land, power, wealth and swords. What could Roose offer him? Littlefinger’s plan has never been clear, but sending a child to a life of rape and torture (after once offering to marry her himself) seems inconceivable.

3) Unlike fArya, once Sansa is brought to Winterfell, there will be no question of her identity. Sansa will instantly be recognized in the North. Furthermore, her presence at court in Kings Landing was well documented and she was seen by many. Once revealed as Sansa Stark there is still the matter of her previous marriage. There is no mention of divorce in A Song of Ice and Fire. Even when Daemon Targaryen was unhappy with his Royce wife, he was not allowed to divorce her and he was a prince!  However, there is a possibility for annulment of which we learn of during a conversation between Tywin and Tyrion in A Storm of Swords:

“Do I need to remind you that a marriage that has not been consummated can be set aside?” -Tywin
“By the High Septon or a Council of the Faith. Our present High Septon is a trained seal who barks prettily on command. Moon Boy is more like to annul my marriage than he is.” -Tyrion.

So what does this mean? Well, maybe the marriage to Tyrion can be set aside. At the present time, there is a new High Septon or High Sparrow and he is not on the Lannister payroll so mayhaps he would annul such a marriage?

4) Regardless of the marriage, Sansa is still wanted by Cersei for regicide for the poisoning of Joffrey. So what does this mean for Sansa? Roose Bolton was in cahoots with Tywin, but he’s dead. Cersei is in jail. You know who may have some influence though? Margaery Tyrell, the wife of King Tommen, who was quite fond of Sansa. Mayhaps she could convince Tommen to dismiss the absurd charges against her beloved Sansa.

5) So after the wedding, what then?  We all know what Ramsay does to Jeyne. And Barbrey Dustin tells Theon that the cries of their leige lord’s daughter are like to provoke the North to rebel. And that was just fArya! Imagine if Ramsay REALLY raped and tortured the daughter of Eddard Stark?! Does this mean the men will join Stannis and overthrow the Boltons?

6) Lastly, what of Jon Snow? After Theon escapes with Ramsay’s bride, he tells Jon to deliver them back to Winterfell. As children, there was no love between Jon and Sansa as there was between Jon and his little sister Arya. But there is no way that Jon would allow his half sister to be tortured by Ramsay. Does this mean Jon still attempts to march on Winterfell?

There is much and more that needs to be discovered regarding the controversial scene from The Winds of Winter. Jeyne Poole has not been cast for season 5 so its unlikely we will get the true fArya story (see the Myranda post earlier) so this Sansa story might be another D&D creation.

Its hard to imagine what goes through the minds of such men, but there are several reasons why they might go this Sansa/Theon/Ramsay route:


1) Dave and Dan LOVE to push the envelope. It’s well known that they were most looking forward to translating the Red Wedding onto the small screen and look what they did? Way worse than the book version.

2) The cast is pretty large already. If they can cut out major characters like Arianne or Victarion, surely they don’t care much for a steward’s daughter.

3) They’re always looking for that season defining moment that creates buzz on social media. A traumatic Sansa scene would do that for sure.

4) Placing Sansa makes sense. She would be a “pseudo fArya” so the story would remain at least somewhat similar to the book. Doesn’t reallt matter to them Arya or Sansa, a Stark is a Stark, right?

5) They want to kill AngryGoTFan once and for all.
Let us all pray to the Seven that this is just someone being a jerk and sweet Sansa is unharmed.

But as His Grace GRRM has taught us…valar morghulis.

The Lady Shelly

  1. CPaca says:

    5) So after the wedding, what then? We all know what Ramsay does to Jeyne. And Barbrey Dustin tells Theon that the cries of their leige lord’s daughter are like to provoke the North to rebel. And that was just fArya! Imagine if Ramsay REALLY raped and tortured the daughter of Eddard Stark?! Does this mean the men will join Stannis and overthrow the Boltons?

    Or, instead, imagine a triumphant married Ramsey taking his weak and trembling bride to the bedding chamber – and winding up with his testicles shoved down his throat.

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