Posted: December 30, 2014 in INDIRECT ANGER
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As 2014 comes to a close, we reflect on the past year and all it has brought us, the good and bad and

huh? Moments from Game of Thrones and predictions on what’s to come this 5th Season in 2015.

I could make a list of good moments (Joffrey dying, Tyrion telling all of Kings Landing what up, or Arya

and the Hound/ Brianne and Pod, our dynamic duos) or the bad like that alter scene (although that

could also be under a huh moment) and the huh moments SPOILER ALERT LSH, Tysha, and who is Locke


I’ll just make some predictions of the season to come.

15) D&D will change something from the books interpretation to the show. (I know, this is obvious)

14) No one will say “You know nothing Jon Snow” because Ygritte is dead. Too harsh?

13) There will be at least 3 less Sand snakes than there are supposed to be, and instead of avenging The

Red Viper, they’ll just hang in a whorehouse and show some boobs.

12) Boobs.

11) No Bran or Hodor, because apparently going to Craster’s Keep and almost running into Jon, again, was a shortcut to The last Greenseer.

10) There will be more chicken in Westeros since the Hound is dead….or is he? Is he? Who the heck knows any more.

9) No Jorah saying Kahleesi. This one saddens me.

8) Flashbacks? Finally?

7) No Greyjoys

6) Jamie and Bronn in Dorne? What?

5) Myrcella in love? Wait, that’s not her…who is that?

4) Daenerys will marry, with Tyrion there….

3) Nipple Armor!

2) Not sure about the Freys????

1) Gratuitous sex scenes that aren’t in the books. And lots of stuff that ARE NOT IN THE BOOKS!!!!




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