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2015 is upon us. With it, brings Season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones’. Looking forward, here are some of my predictions of what is to come.

  1. Winter is Coming.

Westeros is getting colder. The snows are getting heavier. And, with them, a storm is coming. We’ve seen an awful lot of the Others in the past few seasons. One of my pet theories is that we are on the brink of the second War for the Dawn. The accidental reveal of the Night’s King in the last season just solidified this. Going forward, the Others will want to be kept in the viewer’s mind as much as is possible. So, we’re hopefully going to see a lot more of them, and their home far beyond the Wall.

  1. A Thousand Eyes and One

There has been a lot of controversy that Bran is not going to be in Season 5. But I don’t think it’s going to be as simple as that. The new promos have shown ‘the Sight’. Why would they include a storyline that isn’t in the show this season? My prediction is that Bran WILL be in this season. Just not as we know it. Bran is going to be our eyes into the past. Another of my theories is that Bloodraven sees through the eyes of the ravens. Ever noticed that we see the ravens going a little crazy when the Others are around? We are going to have ‘the sight’ because Bran has it.

  1. Porcelain, Ivory, Steel

Another subject that has presented controversy. Sansa Stark. The internet has been filled with stories of her facing a ‘traumatic’ event. In Season 5, I think we are going to see the death of Robin Arryn. In the books, there are hints that Petyr Baelish is poisoning Robin, in order to gain complete power once and for all. So far, Sansa has just seen glimpses of what Littlefinger will do for power. Imagine what would happen if she saw Littlefinger poisoning Robin… and did nothing to stop it.

Just as a side note – I don’t, for one moment, believe that Sansa is going to be raped. Sansa’s virginity has been emphasised constantly. As Cersei Lannister said, her greatest weapon is between her legs. Sometimes, an even greater weapon is not using it.

  1. What is Dead May Never Die.

The last time Theon Greyjoy was in Winterfell, he was still the arrogant, smiling boy who screamed ‘what is dead may never die’ at the top of his lungs. Now he’s Reek, the broken, tortured man, who sleeps with the dogs, and is too scared to speak out. Winterfell is full of ghosts. In Season 5, I believe we shall see the rebirth of Theon. Remember what I said about how I believe Bran will be in this season? I’m envisioning a raven in the Godswood, as Theon prays. ‘Let me die as Theon.’

  1. Seven Hells.

In the past four seasons, we have seen all of the religions of Westeros in their greatest glory. We have seen the terror and beauty of the Godswood and the Old Gods. We’ve seen the power of R’hllor. We’ve even seen the Lovecraftian echoes of the Drowned God. But we have not properly met the Faith of the Seven. On set photos have hinted at what is to come. Dressed in basic black robes, the sign of the Seven branded on their foreheads, they’ve cut a sinister presence. We have also seen photos of Littlefinger in King’s Landing. I think we are going to be introduced to the Faith in spectacular fashion – the Faith against the brothels that crowd King’s Landing. It covers all the bases. We get sex, we get violence, and we get a strong point hammered home: the Faith are not to be messed with.

  1. They say House Lannister won this war.

House Lannister has fallen far since we were first introduced to them in Season 1. Jaime has lost his hand. Tyrion has lost his name. Tywin has lost his life. Only one Lannister remains. Cersei. And she now has what she has always wanted. Full and complete power. No Tywin to reign her in. No Tyrion to draw her fury. That can mean just one thing. Season 5 is going to see the fall of Cersei Lannister. We have already seen moments of potential from her. Her mental torture of Sansa, her hate of Margaery, her distrust of anyone who is not a Lannister. Without any barriers, she’ll go as far as she can. And her fall will be spectacular.

  1. Vengeance and Justice.

In Season 4, we met Oberyn Martell, the fiery Prince of Dorne. We then lost him, in a scene most of us won’t forget any time soon. This season, we are travelling to the Prince’s homeland. I expect that our introduction will be through Ellaria, returning her beloved’s body back home. There, as we know, we will meet his daughters, and his brother. We have already seen on set photos of the daughters, looking like ‘something out of Xena, Warrior Princess’. They are very much of their father. As such, I’m predicting the girls will be all about the vengeance, carrying the flame of their father. However, I don’t believe that the girls are going to be as boringly generic as some believe. One photo has shown the girls all in identical nippled breast plates. Boooring, right? No. The Sand Snakes are women in the Dornish army. Not special because they are Oberyn Martell’s daughters. They are women, and they are warriors. I think that scene will be an introduction to how different Dorne is from the rest of Westeros. Dorne has an army, and that army just happens to contain women. Equality!

  1. The Pointy End

Speaking of women warriors, our aspiring Warrior Princess Arya Stark is on her way to Braavos. Some people have been asking ‘why?’ At the end of Season 2, we saw Jaqen H’ghar give her a coin, telling her to use it if she ever needed to find him. ‘A faceless man is something else entirely.’ Over the seasons since, The Hound has taught Arya to fight. This season, I predict Arya will be taught how to kill. With her, I’m expecting to see a certain Man’s familiar face. Will there be more names off her list? I certainly think so. It’s time for Arya to become A Woman.

  1. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

The last time we ‘saw’ Tyrion, he had been packed into a box by everyone’s favourite Spider, Varys, and put on a ship. Where to? Let’s think back to Season 1. It’s been a while, but think hard. Varys was overheard talking to a man by our little wolf, Arya. A man who we had previously seen with Daenerys. Ilyrio. Is it much of a leap to consider that the two men may meet again? Tyrion will want to be somewhere safe, out of the reach and fury of his sister. Where better than the Free Cities, where she holds no power? But where will Tyrion go from there? I’m predicting that soon, the cities that fell to Daenerys will have a new man in power. This time, one that shares her views.

  1. Fire and Blood

Daenerys has a problem. A big one. Civil war rages in her conquered cities. Old slaves miss the old ways, young slaves are running riot. Oh, and a teenage dragon is eating everything. I expect that this season will be a learning curve for Dany. She has laid waste to cities, moving on before establishing any kind of rules. In Season 5, we are going to see her learn how to be a Queen, instead of a conqueror. She’s had everything go her way for far too long. It’s time for her to face some real challenges. To have her rule tested. I can’t wait.

And now for something completely different…

  1. Someone, somewhere will be offended.

I’m going to take a guess and say Dorne is going to be the big annoyance this year. You know it’s coming.

  1. Someone who doesn’t die in the books will die on screen.

Even if they’re blatantly going to die anyway [looking at you, Robin Arryn], they’ll be killed off early. And there will be anger cos they don’t die [yet] in the books.

  1. That scene/line you love will either be cut, or won’t go quite how it was written.

I’m expecting the ‘let me die as Theon’ scene this season. And I’m also expecting it to be changed. A lot.

  1. Controversy! So much controversy!

Last season, it was [rightly] the Altar Scene. There are a lot of potential scenes that could cause Twitter to blow up. Let’s just hope it’s not rape this year.

  1. Viewing figures will continue to rise.

And you know why? Because, in spite of all of the faults, Game of Thrones is one hell of a ride. I cannot wait. Bring on Season 5!


  1. Bo Donovan says:

    Excellent article, Exciting predictions!! Can’t wait to see if Lady Southall is on the mark!!

  2. Tired GOT Fan says:

    You could’ve printed the entire article on her forehead!

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