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Her chest was heaving. She looked at Shengqi and Shellron to her right. All three were breathing heavily after running from the van. Little Bird thought her heart would pound out of her chest. She looked over as Shengqi pulled out a small tablet. Little Bird could see that the blue prints of the building were loaded on it along with notes that Shengqi had scribbled on top. “We need to head up these stairs. There’s a stair case immediately to the left of the service elevator. Let’s go,” Shengqi told them. Shellron and Little Bird nodded in agreement and began to follow with their flashlights in hand. “Quiet as a shadow,” Little Bird whispered to herself. The girls followed behind Shengqi but struggled to keep up his frantic pace. “Hey! What are you doing?!” a voice bellowed. “OM7GS!!” Shengqi yelled as he whipped out his IMI Tavior AR-21.

The security officer was a young man, middle 30’s with rat brown hair and bright blue eyes. His cheeks were flushed and he was dripping with sweat at the sight of Shengqi and his Tavor. Little Bird felt her heart race and before she knew it, she was on top of the security guard. “RUN!” she yelled at Shellron and Shengqi. Shellron looked at her with horror in her eyes and for a split second, Little Bird thought Shellron might freeze.  Shengqi grabbed Shellron by the arm and pulled her away. Little Bird watched as they ran up the stairs. She turned her attention back to the guard squirming under her. “Stop moving!” she yelled as she whipped out her Taurus Judge 5 shot revolver and placed it against his temple. The rancid smell of urine filled the air as the relieved himself on the floor. “Please,” he pleaded. I’m just working here for the weekend. Don’t hurt me.” Little Bird stood up, still pointing the gun at the guard. “Get up Mike,” she said while looking at the trembling man’s name tag. I don’t want to hurt you, but I swear if you don’t stay still, I will hunt you through all seven hells.”

Little Bird sat on a stool across from Mike and thought “My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel. I must remember the cause. I must remember this is for the books.” Her hands trembled lightly and the gun became slippery in her grasp. Mike looked at Little Bird, his eyes full of fear, yet there was rage as well. She shifted position on her stool and glanced at the wall clock. Shengqi and Shellron must be at their destination now. She hoped that they would be able to complete the plan without the explosives in her backpack, but knowing Shengqi, he was always prepared for the unexpected. “Why are you doing this? What do you want?” the guard asked her quietly. “What do I want?!” Little Bird yelled. “What I want is for the bookburners to stop destroying the books!

This has gone on long enough and we are determined for season 5 to never see the light of day. Now stop talking!” The guard obliged and looked across the hall. A loud BOOM echoed through the building. It sounded as if a heavy door had slammed shut. Blue lights flashed outside and Little Bird looked out the window.”Little Bird! Little Bird! Shellron! Shengqi! Guys, you have to get out of there NOW!” Detroit yelled through her ear piece.  “Detroit!” she gasped as the police drove by the white van outside…….


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