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Animation Lab_0

He raced up the stairs two at a time as Shellron followed behind. He could hear her frantic breathing at his heels and he hoped she was alright, he knew how heavy her backpack was. He looked at his tablet and the notes he had scribbled on it to make sure they were headed in the right direction. “Just one more flight of stairs and we should be there,” Shengqi told Shellron. “Thank the seven,” she panted. The heavy iron door was in front of them. He pushed against it, but it would not budge. “Shellron, hand me your backpack,”Shengqi asked. She handed over the backpack and retrieved a small box. He placed the box on the door and activated the switch on the side. “Stand back,” he told Shellron as he turned his back to the door and shielded her from the blast. BOOM! The hinges broke free and together they pried open the mangled door. Soon they were in the master control room where all of the film and files were stored. They immediately got to work, not knowing how much time they had. They had heard Detroit’s warning on the audio feed, but it had stopped working soon after.

Shengqi had instructed Shellron to begin wiping the hard drives clean while he placed the explosives around the room. “Two computers down and 1 left, Shengqi” he heard Shellron say. “Great, I’m almost done too,” he answered in return. As he worked, he began to think about his friends and all they had sacrificed for him and for the cause. The Professor with her songs and jests, Detroit who was always so quick to laugh, Little Bird and her obsession with Sansan and how she thought she loved Sandor more than him. He chuckled. Then looked at Shellron, his most trusted member of the Army. She looked up at him and smiled. “I just want you to know that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me Shellron. I couldn’t have picked a better person to help me, even if I did have to teach you how to internet dot com.” “I’ve come a long way, Ser,” Shellron joked.

A crash startled them and they looked at each other. Suddenly a siren began to wail. “What is going on?! I thought Detroit deactivated the alarm!” Shellron shouted over the alarm. “Mayhaps it wasn’t for as long as he had hoped. Ok, this is what we are going to do: You get out of here. Get Little Bird and run. I’ll finish the wiring and I’ll follow you out.” Shengqi told her. “NO, I am not going to leave you to be captured by Beni and Dweeb. No,” Shellron pleaded. “Yes, you will. That is a direct order. I’ll be fine. Beni and Dweeb won’t know what to do when they finally meet me face to face.” Shengqi said. Shellron picked up her empty backpack and looked at Shengqi. “Are you sure? Promise that you will get out of here.” “I will, I promise it by the old gods and the new, I will get out of here. Don’t worry.” Shengqi told her. They turned their heads towards another loud crash. “Look, you have to go before all of the doors lock and we are both trapped.” Shengqi was firm this time. Shellron had to go. He felt a surge of adrenaline as another door slammed shut. “Go now Shellron!” he yelled as he grabbed her shoulder. “Hey! You!!! What are you doing up there!” A voice screamed. Shellron ran…


Shellron could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she ran. She could hear the footsteps and the clang of keys from the man behind her. She tried to think back to the glimpses of the blueprints that Shengqi had shown her on his tablet. All she needed to do was get to the end of the hallway on level 4 and there would be an opening to the air vents. She flew down another flight of stairs, only 2 more to go. “Shellron!” She heard a scream. “OOF” The security guard fell down as Little Bird shot him in the neck with her taser.  “Little Bird, I’m here!” “OM7GS!” Shellron cried breathlessly as she embraced Little Bird. “I was afraid you got captured by Beni and Dweeb!” “Ha! Yeah right. Nobody is taking me alive. I have some Tears of Lys stuffed in my bra just in case,” Little Bird said as they ran down to level 4. “Where is the security guard?” Shellron asked. “He’s tied up to a pole downstairs. He was so scared he wet himself! Hahaha!” her laughter echoed through the vent as they climbed in. Through the maze of tunnels they climbed and climbed until they reached level 1. “Where is Shengqi?” Little Bird asked. Shellron’s eyes began to fill with tears. “He told me to leave him. I didn’t want to but he made me. He will be ok though. Nobody can take Shengqi. He’s too powerful. He’s too strong. Beni and Dweeb won’t take him alive.” “That’s true,” Little Bird agreed. “I saw some blue lights earlier. I hope Detroit is still out there. I don’t really know what we will do if he is gone. We need the van.” “I’m sure he is fine,” Shellron said. Her mind was racing. Where was Shengqi? He should be done by now…

*BOOM* A loud blast ripped through the hall. “Shengqi!” Shellron screamed. “NO, we have to get outside, the building is going to collapse!” Little Bird yelled as she grabbed Shellron by the arm and pulled her through the door. Detroit came running up and met them at the door. They all embraced as Detroit asked where Shengqi was. Shellron told him what happened as they ran towards the van. “I saw blue lights earlier, said Little Bird. What happened?” “Yes, they were minions of the bookburners Beni and Dweeb. They tried to apprehend me, but I kept shouting NOONEUNDERSTAAANDS and grabbed my laptop and hit one over the head while the other one ran. I chased after him and tied him up and left him by the side of the building.” he told them. Detroit climbed in the van and Shellron and Little Bird piled in the back. They cracked the window and looked for any signs of Shengqi. The whole building was engulfed in flames. Thick smoke poured through the windows of the level where Shellron had left Shengqi.  “Where is he, where is Shengqi?!” Shellron screamed. “We have to go,” Detroit told them. He started to drive away. “He’s right Shellron, we have to go. Our mission is complete. Season 5 will never been seen!  We have to go before they catch us.” Little Bird explained. “But, let’s just go back and look, please Detroit. Go drive to the side of the building where we were. I just need to see if the Lord of Anger still lives,” Shellron pleaded. They drove around to the side of the building and there amongst the rubble was Shengqi’s backpack. Shellron jumped out of the van and grabbed it. She screamed “SHENGQI! SHENGQI!” but there was no answer. Little Bird dragged Shellron back to the car and Detroit drove away from the scene as the sirens wailed in the background….



The wiring was almost complete. The entire room was laced with more explosives than necessary, but Shengqi had to make sure that nothing would go wrong. Season 5 would never be seen by anyone so long as he drew breath. He turned his head towards the door as he heard another loud boom and wondered how long he had until the final door closed. As he turned back to set the timer for the final explosive, he caught a whiff of cheap cologne. “Hello Shengqi,” Dweeb cackled. “Oh, well whaddya know. Its the ole Lord of Anger, Shengqi!” Beni exclaimed. “Here I am, bookburners. How does it feel knowing that all of your hard work will never be seen? Nobody will ever need to be subjected to Jaime in Dorne or have to see nipples on breastplates!”Shengqi answered. “Are you really so stupid as to think we have all of the information in just one spot? Oh Lord of Anger, tsk tsk,” Beni replied. “No, I KNOW that its all here. I’ve had surveillance on you for weeks. Why do you think I’m here?!” Shengqi asked. “You’re here because we GUIDED you here, you fool! We have been tracking you also!” said Dweeb. “Impossible!” shoutedShengqi. “But it is! You see, we infiltrated the Army of Anger! We knew your every move! Ha! See, you are not as clever as you thought!” Beni cackled. Dweeb walked over to Shengqi and handed him an iPhone. “Here, see for yourself.” Shengqi pressed play and looked at the video. A woman wearing a hat pulled low over her brow appeared on the screen. He watched as she begins chatting with  Beni and Dweeb while drinking coffee. Shengqi feels his face flush. “No,” he thinks, “it cannot be. The Professor would never betray the cause.” Suddenly the woman turns to hug Beni and he can see her face, the Professor….

Filled with rage, he threw the phone. He knew he should have listened to Detroit when he told him to never trust a girl with a big butt and a smile. “It makes no matter that she betrayed me. My work is done, you filthybookburners. I care little and less what happens to me. It is all for the books. All hail his Grace, the Creator George I!!” Shengqi shouts. “Get him!” screamsBeni as he points to Shengqi. Dweeb rushes at Shengqi, but he is no match for such a skilled warrior as Shengqi. With one swift punch, Dweeb is on the floor, out cold. “Now you will pay for this, you idiot!” yells Beni. “HAR!”Shengqi shouts as he rushes towards the enemy. Beni is larger than Dweeb, but not as strong or fast as Shengqi. He raises his fists in anticipation for a fight. Shengqi attacks first landing a blow to the temple and another to the kidney. Beni writhes in pain “please, please stop,” he begs, as he falls to the ground. Shengqi looks at his watch, he only has a minute before the bomb detonates.

Shengqi grabbed his backpack and ran towards the door. Suddenly he felt a hand around his ankle. 30 seconds. “Not so fast, angry boy!” Beni yelled, spewing blood all over the wall. Shengqi kicked off his attacker and ran outside the room. Beni was suddenly behind him and pushing him into the wall. Shengqi threw him off and headed toward the stairs. “I’m warning youShengqi! I will not be defeated!” Beni screamed, his yells echoing through the halls. Shengqi turned around and punched at Beni, who ducked and lunged forward. He grabbed Shengqi and threw him to the ground. The two wrestled across the cheap linoleum floor. Shengqi pinned Beni to the ground and yells, “YOU DONT UNDERSTAAAND! NOONEUNDERSTAAANDS!” before landing another blow to the face of the chief bookburner. The Lord of Anger pulled himself up. 15 seconds. He raced again towards the door. He pressed the handle, but it would not budge..Shengqi looks around and sees Beni crawling toward the window, about to escape. 10 seconds. Shengqi ran back over and pulled Beni into the center of the room. Beni raged. “What are you even doing this for? What do you get out of this?”

5 seconds.

4 seconds.

Shenqi said, “There’s only one reason I do what I do.”

“What?” Shengqi slammed the bomb in Beni’s mouth.

“Only Cat.”



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