4 Reasons We Need the Griffs

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The show has officially omitted Griff and Young Griff from HBO. This is travesty. This is tyranny. But why?


Young Griff, so named after his protector Jon Connington of Griffin’s Roost, is the supposed son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell. Affectionately known as “fAegon” to many in the A Song of Ice Fire community, Aegon has been in hiding with Jon Connington since the end of Robert’s Rebellion. Smuggled away by Varys and switched with a baby of low birth (the “Pisswater Prince”) he was sheltered by Illyrio Mopatis and has been all but forgotten in Westeros. His adoptive father, Jon Connington has been entrusted with the care of Aegon since he was a small child. Young Griff has colored hair and claims do have done so to honor his late Tyroshi mother. Tyrion eventually discovers the truth during a game of cyvasse and Young Griff does not deny the claims.

Deciding to eliminate the story of Young Griff and Griff for that matter, is one of the worst translations from book to show in terms of the overall story for many reasons

4. Is Young Griff really Aegon VI? If he is indeed the surviving son if Rhaegar and Elia, then his claim to the Iron Throne is much stronger than the claim of Daenerys. Aegon even remarks as such when he says “Why should I go running to my aunt as if I were a beggar? My claim is better than her own. Let her come to me.,” As the true born son of Rhaegar, he is correct. Why this doesn’t seem to be important to HBO remains a mystery

3. What if Aegon IS a Targaryen but the wrong color? There is a strong belief by many that Aegon is truly a Blackfyre. It makes sense when you think about it. See the many articles on the connections of Varys and Ilyrio to the Blackfyres. So, like Henry VII an unknown heir and legitimized bastard of an offshoot line who rose from obscurity yet eventually won the War of the Roses, Aegon’s legitimacy has been called into question and there are many (Daenerys and Stannis chiefly) that believe they have a stronger claim to the Iron Throne. Also like Henry VII, Aegon is backed by borrowed money and swords. The Golden Company, founded by one of the most famous members of the Blackfyre line, Aegor Rivers, decides to back Aegon and help him reclaim the crown.


Furthermore, if you are a fan of the “Fifth Suitor Theory” Aegon will eventually marry Sansa Stark who would most assurredly have the support of the North as well as the Vale. Notably, Henry VII did the same when he married Elizabeth of York, eldest daughter of Edward York, on whom Eddard Stark is based. It is no secret that GRRM has drawn heavily upon the War of the Roses when crafting this story line.

2. Aegon has already conquered much land in the Seven Kingdoms. To that end, Arianne Martell is going to meet him. This is also another grave omission from D&D. In the Arianne sample chapter of The Winds of Winter, she is headed to meet Aegon and see if he is who he claims to be. During her voyage, she stays at Ghost Hill and is told by Lady Tolland that the Golden Company and Aegon have captured Griffin’s Roost, Rain House, Crow’s Nest, Tarth, Mistwood and Greenstone, parts of the Stepstones, Tarth, and are headed towards Storm’s End. If Aegon is already well on his way towards conquering Westeros, WHY isnt’t his being translated to the show? It seems if a Targaryen conquering Westeros, and the Martells rallying to his banner is pretty important.


1. The plot between Varys and Ilyrio. From even before the books began, there has been some grand scheme between these two schemy schemers. It is revealed early on in A Game of Thrones. There are so many unanswered questions, and so many that revolve around Daenerys, Viscerys, and Aegon. Here are a few:

– Why save all three Targaryen heirs yet split them apart and keep them separately as they have stated?

– As they didn’t plan for Daenerys’ dragons to come to life, what was the original plan other than using Drogo’s army to invade Westeros?

– DID they know how to bring the dragons to life?

– If Aegon is a Blackfyre why not keep him and Jon Connington with Dany and Viscy from the start?

– Did they split up the heirs for safety (like Luke and Leia) and always plan for them to meet up years later at some point, and it’s only bc of character decisions out of their control that Daenerys is in Meereen while Aegon is assaulting Westeros?

– Why don’t the show writers understand this level of nuance and speculation is exponentially more entertaining than the Love Adventures of Grey Worm?


  1. Vic Sage says:

    You do know D&D runs these changes past GRRM and he approves of them.So,clearly The Girffs are not important.

  2. Felipe Bini says:

    “Aegon has been in hiding with Jon Connington since the end of Robert’s Rebellion.”
    I suspect this was not the case. When in exile, Connington rose high in the ranks of the Golden Company, and I suppose this can’t be done in a few months (between him being kicked out by Aerys and the end of the Rebellion and the supposed smuggling of Aegon). Most probably he joined the conspiracy faking his own disgrace – following instructions by Varys, Illyrio and Toyne – when Aegon was older.

  3. Brandon Ottinger says:

    If you ask me David and Dan got jealous of all the praise George was getting cause if you go back in all the first 3 season all the best lines and best stories were taken word for word from the books. So they lied to George on Season 4, this has been documented. They gave him an outline at the beginning of the season and then deviated from it. Now it’s just all screwed. Somehow they wrestled control away from him. Here is a direct quote from George regarding the Telltale game.
    “All I really control is what is “book canon” (the novels and the Dunk & Egg stories and the worldbook). It’s up to HBO and David & Dan to determine what is “TV canon.”

    The Telltale guys worked with Ty Franck, who was my right hand here for half a decade.”

  4. Bo Donovan says:

    Love the theory!! Way back the show became a Totally separate entity from the books. A show lightly inspired by the books at best. Angry, you know GRRM better then any of us. And, I do know how The Wars Of The Roses inspired him. You just might be right on this one. Cant wait to see.👍👍👍

  5. Blanca Le Duc says:

    Basically it is unwise to keep all three surviving Targaryens together, as they are always in danger.
    Viserys and Danaerys are the youngest son and the female and neither has the first claim. Yet they can be a part of restoring the Targaryen dynasty. Just unlikely heirs to the throne. The ln
    Neither of them is even schooled in how to rule, or be at least royalty in Weather . They seem to be treated as spare parts and assumed to never return alive.
    Griff on the other hand is hidden under a veiled identity and has a more Westerosi and royal schooling, which may mean he is being protected as the rightful heir until the time is right to bring him back.

    As to the dragons I think Danaerys got the eggs in the belief they would never hatch. Because the eggs hatched through blood magic I would think the dragons are cursed, but that’s not happening in the story.

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