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The Odyssey of Daenerys
by Servant On Ice
There are are many opinions among readers of every work of literature. From the classic works Homer, Virgil, Shakespeare to the modern works of Wambaugh, Deas, Yancey, Tolkien, Lewis and Martin.  While there are strong opinions about characters that some love and some loathe, these opinions must be based in facts, facts contained in the literature they are based upon and upon interviews or previous writings (for the deceased) of the authors.

There is one character in the series known as, “A Song of Ice and Fire” that has sparked a major debate recently among, “Fire Freaks” more so than, “Thronies”  (Thronies are folks who only watch the show and only search the Internet for spoilers).   Daenerys.  Dany that is right, she has fired up so much hatred and vitriol, some of it deserved as I will elaborate and some of it just not based on the literature at all.   If you are going to hate someone at least base the hate on facts and don’t deny what Martin has written for us in his works.
Daenerys was a young girl, born into a wealthy family in a time of decline. Her mother died in childbirth as a terrible storm raged on the Island known as, “Dragonstone.”  Like Odysseus before her, she goes on a wild journey, from a child being hidden from killers sent by King Robert Baratheon, to a woman sold to a violent warrior known for his wonton destruction of pretty much everything around him.
He dies, she hatches dragon, she brings magic back into the world. Is this an opinion? No, this is evident in the House of the Undying, in the Arch Maester’s comments who is seeking her out, in Euron Greyjoy’s plot to bring her to heel and others seeking her favor and to influence her for their own good.
It is in the books. Dany also frees slaves, shakes up the world and brings to heel the evil, vile disgusting practices of the era.   She also smashes sexism and she matures along the way, a woman ruling in a world of powerful men who abuse women, children and those with less power.
Astapor, Dracarys, Yunkai, Mhysa, Mereen, the smashed Harpy, that is Daenerys and that is power. Power that her critics can’t even deny.
Daenerys as President George H. Bush said, “Mistakes were made.”  She should have leveled the Yunkai when she had the chance, and she should have made sure Astapor was left in the hands of a capable leadership council before she ran off to bring Yunkai to heel.
Like Odysseus, she makes mistakes, he made several in Homer’s, “Odyssey” on his way home and then once he got home like Daenerys, he had to contend for his crown and for his love.
Daenerys also has chosen a dangerous but passionate lover in Daario, she’s trusted a woman who’s relative she’s slain in the Green Grace, she’s denied the supernatural power of her dragons, and she spurned the Dornish deal to a disastrous result.   These things as mentioned are horrible, cost the lives of many innocent folks.  But as Odysseus aired in things that cost the lives of his crew and grew from it, so will Dany.
Dany has GRRM power. The author’s power.  GRRM in his works sticks to the title and theme of his works even in the end.  This series is, “A Song of Ice and Fire”  that is what it is about. It has a lot of filler, but in the end as Quaithe told Dany, “You (Daenerys) must sing a song of ice and of fire.”
Along with Dany’s, “Flaming Sword” of dragons as mentioned by Daxos, and the High Priest Benerro’s prophecies that she is Azor Ahai reborn and that she will destroy the slave markets in Volantis. Along with woman who prophesied to Tyrion, “Tell her that her people are ready.”
Who can forget Dany’s own dreams of her riding a dragon and turning ice soldiers to water near the Trident?
Dany has been and is a powerful entity.  Along with the prophesy of Dany leading  all the khalassars under her son (Drogon the Dragon) she will smash her enemies and invade Westeros and defeat or join Aegon/FAegon, and defeat the Others and the Great Other.
Along with help from Bran and others as Azor Ahai needed help, so will Dany. Then she will die, she will die after she has sang the song that this series is about.
The Book Burners, Dave and Dan, have beguiled GRRM and learned of the fate of every character in the series who is not already deceased.
In the end of the episodes, Dany always has, “Hero moments.”  Hatching the Dragons, Her victory at the House of the Undying after seeing her in King’s Landing  (Dance of Dragons Part 2) and at the Wall (A song of Ice and of Fire), Dany having the great Mhysa moment as she turns into the symbol, the same symbol that hatched the dragons and that the Others/White Walkers left in Episode 1 of the series.
Dany also, had her “deceived” moment when she locked her dragons away.  They know, they know  Dany will be the key to victory.
Now that we have the works of the books, not opinion, but the books, of the Book Burners, and of Homer himself we know as we continue reading about Daenerys and seeing her in mummery by the beautiful and talented Emilia Clarke, that GRRM himself has complemented her role (see the videos of YouTube) we can read and enjoy knowing that while she has flaws, she is something we need in our lives. She is a hero.
Let GRRM end this matter. From, “A Dance with Dragons (rt)”
Haldon nodded.  “Benerro has sent forth the word from Volantis.  Her coming is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.  From smoke and salt was she born to make the world anew.  She is AZOR AHAI returned … and her triumph over darkness will bring a summer that will never end …”
Daenerys walked into fire and hatched dragons in the salt and smoke of the desert.
Daenerys birthed fire breathing dragons and changed the course of the world.
Daenerys has ignited passions, good and bad all over the world.
Daenerys defeated the powerful Warlocks in the House of the Undying
Daenerys visions of the Red Wedding came to pass.
Daenerys visions of Stannis coming to the wall with Melisandre came to pass.
Daenerys has Euron trying to control her and her dragons at her peril as prophesied by Moqorro
Daenerys has smashed the global slave trade.
Daxos called her dragons, “A Flaming Sword” an allusion to Lightbringer.
Our opinions may be flawed, our views may be flawed, but GRRM and his writings in this matter are clear.  Dany is Odysseus and she will sing this series, “A Song of Ice and of Fire.”
blakc friar
by @ServantOnIce
Paying attention to literature since reading Edgar Allen Poe in the Sixth Grade.
  1. Bo Donovan says:

    A superb article!! Very well written!! I dare say it sent the hairs on my arms strait up. Bravo👍👍👍
    It’s a pleasure to read the works of someone who is obviously well learned!!

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