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Once again, I am here to anger rage about Dorne!! Something tells me that this is going to be an ongoing theme since everything about Dorne is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! And you know what is the WRONGESTEST of them all???? The Sand Snakes! Yes, the bastard daughters of the Red Viper Oberyn Martell. So for those of you that at are bad little bookburners, let’s review the Sand Snakes:

Obara Sand: The daughter of a whore from Oldtown. She is big boned with rat brown hair and is not especially beautiful.

Nymeria Sand AKA Lady Nym: Her mother is the blood of Volantis.
Lady Nym is very beautiful with dark hair that she wears in a braid.

Tyene Sand: The daughter of a septa. Unlike her sisters, Tyene is fair of hair and eye and has delicate, refined features.

Sarella Sand: The daughter of a Summer Islander. Sarella is said to be playing “game” in Oldtown.

Elia Sand: The eldest daughter of Oberyn’s beloved paramour, Ellaria Sand. She is 14 and strong willed and calls herself “Lady Lance” and is fond of horses.

Obella Sand: Daughter of Ellaria Sand
Dorea Sand: Daugher of Ellaria Sand
Loreza Sand: Daughter of Ellaria Sand

Obviously, we are not getting all 8 of the Sand Snakes in the book burning adaption of the sacred texts. But what were ARE getting are the 3 eldest sand snakes. And my oh my! The egregious portrayal of these women is rage inducing! And this is why!

The producers of Game of Thrones have decided to have Obara, Lady Nym and Tyene all be the daughters of Ellaria! How does this even work?! Ellaria is almost of an age with these women! Obara, the eldest Sand Snake is almost 30 years old. How could Ellaria be her mother?! Furthermore, why no mention of the little Sand Snakes?!

The omission of Sarella Sand! Omitting Sarella Sand is a huge mistake. The depiction of a strong woman of color would have been such a great thing for the show. For once a woman of color on Game of Thrones could be depicted as strong and brave and smart instead of some exotic whore in one of Littlefinger’s brothels!!!!!

The weapons are all wrong! Tyene and Nym’s weapons are not book accurate! Each woman has a weapon that she identifies with or is exceptionally skilled with using! For Obara, it is a whip, spear and a round copper shield. In her youth, Obara was given the choice between her mother and tears or her father and a spear–she chose Oberyn. For some reason, HBO has decided to give Lady Nym a whip! Why does Nym have the whip?! I don’t UNDERSTAAAND! Nym is skilled with blades and usually has a half dozen concealed about her at once! She does not go around whipping the helmets off of men buried in the sand! Like her father, Tyene is skilled in the arts of poison and herbcraft. Her weapon of choice is POISON! But instead of seeing Tyene mayhaps mixing some potions or rummaging through a maester’s personal stores, we gotta make the women like the Ninja Turtles and give them all visible weapons so Tyene gets the “double daggers”.

WHY do they all look alike?! The physical appearance of all of the Sand Snakes is what makes them so unique. Not since the atrocious casting of Daario Naharis has there been such horrible casting on Game of Thrones. Obara, big boned and plain who styles herself as a warrior is now petite and delicate. Lady Nym with dark hair and exotic features who dresses in seductive wisps of silk and flowing fabrics now is portrayed by a woman who looks like she hopped off a boat from Yi Ti! The most egregious casting, however, is Tyene who is described “sweet as summer strawberries” with BLONDE hair and BLUE eyes who prefers dresses and appears so pure is now portrayed by a woman with a dark brown Peter Pan haircut and nippled armor to match her sisters!! Even though they all look different, Areo Hotah remarks that they all have their father’s eyes. Why is it necessary for HBO to make the Sand Snakes look the same?

What is their purpose without Arianne? The Sand Snakes are the closest confidants of Arianne Martell and are instrumental in her storyline. Without Arianne, will the events that take place in season 5 be pure fanfiction? Will the Sand Snakes participate in the plot to crown Myrcella as she is heir to the Iron Throne by Dornish law? Or are the Sand Snakes the ones that sent the necklace to Cersei? It seems likely that the Sand Snakes will be involved with both since Dorne’s story has absolutely strayed from the books. Let us not forget that Ellaria is now vengeful and we have Bronn involved with a skirmish with Obabra Sand. Are the Sand Snakes still going to Kings Landing? Hunting Darkstar? Wait, who is Darkstar?? Who even knows anymore?!n

  1. ServantOnIce says:

    The Sand Snakes, so far are not important. There are less than 8 Dornish Chapters in AFFC and ADWD combined. They may be critical to, “The Winds of Winter” if GRRM ever releases it but, right now things are pretty static with them.

    The show is trying to make them more appealing and I think they did a fabulous job with Obara Sand. The other Sand is close enough. Tyene Sand is way off, way off.

    But the show has enough blonde pale actors, good to see them try with makeup, to portry these obvioulsy Anglo Saxon women as lower Iberian Peninsula women that they are supposed to be.

    I understand Shell Rock’s problem with Dorne. But Dorne was boring in the books, and Ser Darkstar an admitted failure by GRRM.

    Maybe Dave and Dan have improved the Dornish narrative? We shall see ..

  2. glutonmuton says:

    Sans Snakes. I hate them. They are just boring…

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