Season 5 Trailer Reveal: The Trial of Loras

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Uncategorized


In the trailer we see a scene where a shabby looking, curly haired man going into a rage and has to be restraint by guards. On a closer look the shabby man appears to be Loras Tyrell. But why is he dressed that way and why is he behaving in that quite unusual manner?

Let’s take a look at the right hand side of the screen. We see a young blonde man sitting on a stool. This man seems to be strangely familiar to us. And no wonder. At closer inspection he can be identified as Olyvar the squire turned spy turned prostitute from former seasons.


The way Loras reacts to him, as well as his unusual attire and the facial expressions of the other people in the room (a smug grin for Cersei, confidence for the high sparrow, shock for Tommen and Margaery) leaves little room for interpretation.

It seems that instead of being sent to Dragonstone Loras is to be tried for morally indecent behaviour either by the faith only or by faith and crown. Though when it comes down to who persecutes here is pretty obvious since Joffrey actually never passed that law against homosexuality alluded to on the show, but never mentioned in the books. Olyvar seems to be acting as a sort of witness and is deliberately expanding his account on the cost of Loras possibly under orders of either Littlefinger or Cersei or possibly both. And haven’t we heard that Littlefinger is supposedly back in King’s Landing?

Either way it seems that HBO has found a far more viewable version of Loras supposed demise. And who would have dared treating the most beloved Natalie Dormer that way? Better accuse the brother of something he is indeed guilty and let our Mockingbird do his best… Even if that means that there will be no Aurane Waters which makes me sad. But isn’t there a rumour that he and Loras are lovers? It will probably end with Loras going against Robert Strong which puts me in a rather anxious mood but I do hope it will not be the end for our Knight of Flowers.

This gives more fuel to the rumors that Loras will die this season. GRRM stated that there are deaths in Season 5 that do not take place in the books. Also, the High Sparrow actor said that when one actor found out he was dying, he got mad and threw the script. Sound like any hotheads we know? Finn Jones, anyone?

By Lady Sophie @ArrySnow


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