Game of Thrones Season 5 Changes to Loras Plot Have Fans Furious

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Servant On Ice

So the new trailer is out for Game of Thrones Season 5 and folks are upset. The ARMY OF ANGER is ready to call all banners and lead an assault on HBO headquarters in NYC and in Los Angeles. But that won’t stop the massive show, and the millions of folks who are fans of the show. Nor will it stop Dave and Dan from butchering the story.

I am apathetic. I quit.  That is right, I love the show and know that the show is not and never will be again the books. It probably never was. It isn’t based on the books anymore, yes it has the same names and places but it is different. Dave and Dan have taken the books and ran them through a blender, burned them, then stomped on the ashes like George Jefferson dancing on Mr. Bentley’s back.

The new trailer, I loved the tons of action, and treachery and awesome special effects. We also got Daenerys threatening all of Westeros.  “I am going to break the wheel.”  I’m coming to Westeros here, and hell is coming with me, hell is coming with me.  I guess BenWeiss aka Dave and Dan watched, “Tombstone” before this season?

To quote Daario Holiday, “You’re daisy if you do.” So they will continue to kill off folks who are alive in the books and folks who will NEVER die in the books. Pyp and Grenn are only the beginning it seems, everyone may die this season and then season six may just be a whole new cast like the TV show, “ER.”


Now, here is the other thing the trailer showed us. Loras is on trial. He is on trial for being gay, and Olyvar is in the room with him there. They are being tried by the Faith, who are being portrayed and mocked as radical religious extremists. Why was this added? Why were the books changed to put these extremely polarizing political topics in the plot? There are fans from all political spectrum who enjoy the show and the books and this is only going to alienate half of them. Originally this storyline was supposed to be about the rivalry and scheming between Cersei and Margaery. Loras is grieving for his lost love, and charges into the siege of Dragonstone nearly costing him his life. What was wrong with that and why did HBO make a decision to change it?

Its simple and I will explain it to you. This is just more political preaching from Dan and Dave…they have an agenda, the same agenda of Hollywood over the past 5 years, and their personal politics has cost the show in the past. Remember when they used the head of former President George W. Bush on a stick in their show? Then laughed about it on their DVD?  Yep…there was a huge backlash, they apologized, HBO was made to apologize, and they got rebuked for their ills. They care more about pushing political and religious views than the story.

That is what this is about. Loras will have more screen time likely than anyone else. Why? Because Dave and Dan now use the books as toilet paper. They added Olyvar after Renly died and took away all meaning of the line “when the sun has set, no candle can replace it” they don’t care about love, all they care about is sexuality and putting it on TV in the middle of the show we are trying to enjoy. They put in Joffrey’s line about “I’ve considered making [Loras’] perversion punishable by death.” Don’t forget that they did that! It was 2 years ago. Then they also made Olenna and Tywin have a huge argument about it, too. This is why and this is what will occur: They are going to kill off Loras and make him some kind of martyr and they think this is how they will win their Emmy, that’s all they care about anymore. They saw how Behind the Candelabra the HBO Liberace movie won 3 Emmys and they think making Game of Thrones into a LGBTQI rights platform will be the way to win theirs, along with all the accolades and pats on the back from their Hollywood brethren. After all, that is the main reason they are changing the plot, to serve their own egos and not simply be known as the people who “adapted” the work of GRRM. They want their names up in lights.


They don’t care about the plot or characters or artistry…they have abandoned the books. They care about headlines and getting on the cover of magazines like Finn Jones, that is the only way they find self-worth and judge themselves, but it is not true happiness and they will not find it that way. You cannot find true happiness if you constantly judge yourself through the eyes of others. D&D do, and their arrogance and egos and obsession with Hollywood and Buzzfeed loving them will cause next season to have episodes on animal cruelty, eating meat, gluten-free diets, climate change in the dark ages, and immigration amnesty as the Dothraki will be a part of Westorosi culture under the executive order of Queen Dany.

Look, if you don’t agree with me and my personal views, that’s fine. I don’t expect everyone to, and I don’t think anyone is served when everyone agrees on all the issues. Life should be a tapestry, not a monochrome. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about injecting debate and political disagreements into media by positioning a storyline to mock/denigrate people who have a different point of view.

If you don’t want my political and religious views on your TV, then leave yours off as well.

GRRM even though he is a militant liberal in real life, has left those views out of his story, and he did that for a reason. He wanted to tell a story that’s larger than simply the political squabbles and debates of the day. He wants to do something more, something bigger, something deeper that takes place in the hearts of any person who truly learns empathy for another, which is the true meaning of the books. To understand another’s story is to understand their choices. That is why the slow introduction of new POVs is so important to the books, we learn more about the character’s internal motivations and thoughts and it changes how we feel about them! (Well, maybe not Cersei)

Who knows, maybe Hozier the Singer will appear on an episode and sing,

“Take me to the Sept”  or sing his own version of imagine.

“Imagine there is no Seven, it’s easy if you try, Imagine if there are no seven hells, yep give it a try, imagine all the small folks, tilling for today.”

Why not? Let’s get it going,

“Tell me all your thoughts on the Black Goat of Qohor, and tell me if I’m very farrrrrrr.”

“What if R’Hllor was one of us…just a slob like Butterbumps…”

Let’s make this thing go! We can have Sansa come out and say, “Don’t go for second best Madge, put your love to the test, you know you’ve got to, express yourself!” Sansa and Madge can rule Westeros together then they can vote for TV Salladhor Saan to be Hand of the King  . . . and we can have a meal plan and public schools and the characters can burn Speaker Boehner (The High Sparrow) in effigy.  Why not? We are not sticking to the books we are doing what we want!!!!!

Dave and Dan bribed GRRM and have totally tossed the books away, this season will be worse than the Tumblr’esqsue fan fiction that has angered GRRM to no end he fires missiles at it frequently from his not a blog.

I honestly will try to enjoy the season, I just know it’s not based on, “A Song of Ice and Fire” it is based on, “Dave and Dan’s Excellent Adventure” that really is for us book lovers, “A Bogus Journey.”

Servant On Ice
Full of Apathy
Waiting for the Game of Michael Moore on 4-12-15

  1. luvprue1 says:

    If they put Loras on trial for being gay then what’s going to happen with Cersei and Margery?? Are they still going to do Cersei and Margery storyline?

  2. Nihilo says:

    I like the plot changes. It is fun to see men of god(s) smash into the degenerate GoT universe and purge all the immorality, especially after all those uncalled for explicit scenes. The Faith Militant did nothing wrong

    • ivyteainn says:

      The Faith Militant has no legal jurisdiction in a monarchy based on law. The High Sparrow is usurping the power of the King for his own version of morality. He doesn’t speak for any god. He interperts dogma as he sees it. I think its terrible to see all these people brainwashed by the High Sparrow. His followers do what he says no matter how wrong it is…. including murdering people. The Faith Militant needs to be utterly crushed.

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