The Trial of Loras vs The Clash of Queens

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
by Lady Shelly
An extended trailer for season 5 of Game of Thrones dropped yesterday and along with it dropped the hopes and dreams of the book faithful that some of  their beloved characters would be appearing in the show. What we did see though was a delightful fan fiction version of our beloved books complete with Jaime in Dorne, some nipples on breastplates and a wicked awesome speech from Dany about spokes in a wheel. I mean, that got you hype right?! Anyways, hidden deep in the trailer was a scene that was so enraging, so fan fiction-ish that I literally thought I was going to have to be sedated and it involves the Knight of Flowers, Ser Loras Tyrell.

Now if you missed it, and you probably did because it is very fast, there is a scene involving Loras in what appears to be a fight. No, it’s not against the brave men on Dragonstone like we were hoping for, but it involves a slender, blonde man sitting on a chair. While his face is not immediately recognizable, it seems to be the Lannister/LF spy/prostitute Olyvar who was last seen in season 4 romancing Oberyn Martell. Now, it seems to me that Ser Loras is facing some type of questioning as Cersei, Tommen, Olenna, Margaery, and the High Sparrow can be seen looking on in the shot. But what is Loras in trouble for? Surely this is an HBO creation, so let’s delve deeper into the mind of the book burners and work out the possibilities for his questioning and what it means for the character of Loras Tyrell and/or the overall story.

Loras #1


  1. Loras may be on trial for homosexuality. It is never stated in the books, but Joffrey has issue with homosexuality (remember his speech to Margaery while he showed her his crossbow?!) and sought to have it outlawed. Is it possible that Loras’ trysts with Olyvar were revealed to the Crown and then to the High Sparrow? Is it now a punishable offense? Has HBO decided to make Loras the face of LGBT rights on Game of Thrones? Is it possible that the sexuality of Loras Tyrell is being used to appeal to a wider audience, especially given that Loras is the only homosexual character (thus far) on Game of Thrones of significant importance.
  2. Is Loras a spy? We know from the episode description and scene from the trailer that Cersei feels that Myrcella is in jeopardy in Dorne and the Dornish may seek revenge for the death of Oberyn. Olyvar is the link between Ser Loras and the Martells through Oberyn. Is it possible that Cersei used Olyvar as she used the Kettleblack’s to falsely imprison Margaery? Cersei could easily make the accusation, regardless of it it is true. It is almost certain that Margery isn’t going to be in trouble this season, so the Cersei vs Tyrell story has been switched to focus on Loras, and may be an accusation of treason.
  3. How do the Tyrells’s react? We all know that Loras Tyrell is ordered by Cersei to attack Dragonstone and when he is gone, her plan to bring about the downfall of the “younger and more beautiful” Queen (Margaery) is hatched. But if the plan is now to bring down Loras, will Mace still be there? If so, how does Mace react to the news of Loras’ actions?
  4. Is Loras going to die? In Dorne, Ser Arys Oakheart is cut down by Aero Hotah and is killed instantly. There’s been a lot of speculation that Jaime is going to die in Dorne, but it doesn’t seem likely. If one Kingsguard is set to die this season, it seems more likely to be Loras after this new footage. Mayhaps he will be involved in a Trial of Seven and his opponent will be Ser Robert Strong. To further emphasize this, Jonathan Pryce, the actor portraying the High Sparrow gave an interview in The Sydney Morning Herald and is quoted as saying “I read the script and some of the others had too, but I know one actor who hadn’t read the script and he didn’t know what was going to happen to him. He died and he wasn’t happy.” Hmmmm, could it be Finn Jones, the actor who portrays Loras Tyrell? In August, Finn gave an interivew for his new film and gave away some hints about season 5 stating that the Tyrells would be featured prominently, he filmed a huge fight scene and he “literally threw it (the script) across the room” after reading because it was so unbelievable.
  5. Loras-and-Olyvar-Smile

Excluding the imprisonment of Margaery and substituting with Loras is senseless and offensive. You know why it especially makes no sense? It is all about Cersei. Remember her? Main character? Basically the head of House Lannister and ruler of the 7 Kingdoms at this point? Yeah, no big deal.


Well, For the first time ever in Game of Thrones, this year there is going to be a flashback sequence. Hopefully they will stick to the book prophecy which features a character named Maggy the frog and a young Cersei Lannister. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Maggy, she’s an old woman that tells Cersei certain events that will come true in the future. Cersei remembers, “Queen you shall be, the old woman had promised…until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.'” Well darn. It seems like there’s a pretty queen RIGHT IN CERSEI’S face right now, isnt there? Hey, Madge.


“‘She is pretty enough’, she had to admit, ‘but most of that is youth…only a fool would claim she was more beautiful than I’. The world was full of fools, however. And so was her son’s court.” This prophecy and subsequent events are what sets up the epic show down between Cersei and Margaery after all the shade they’ve been throwing at each other forever. This prophecy is one of the main reasons WHY Cersei plots Margaery’s downfall!!!!! What is the point of bringing Maggy the frog if not to explain WHY Cersei is determined to destroy Margaery? We know that Cersei doesnt like Margaery, but now the reason why is focused even deeper! She doesn’t just hate Margaery for taking her place as queen, she thinks Margaery is prophecized to destroy her! Even the show has been building and building for years to the EPIC SHOWDOWN between the two queens of Westeros, but no, that’s just not meant to be thanks to D&D. That’s not only a dumb change from the books, that’s just dumb, lazy storytelling.

The Clash of Queens is far superior to any HBO shoehorned Loras Tyrell thing. It adds a depth to Cersei that only now does the reader, and maybe viewer, are able to appreciate. While Cersei’s actions are questionable, her paranoia and fear now make her seem more relatable to the viewer. Now, without the arrest of Margaery and the insertion of Loras into the plot, it cheapens Cersei’s arc. Without her extreme treachery and machinations to discredit and tear town Margaery leading to her own arrest, it takes away the substance of one of the biggest plot twists in the entire series.


It is only through Cersei’s flashbacks and her hatred of Margaery Tyrell do we truly begin to understand WHY she does the things she does. Keep in mind that the prophecy states her children will be taken from her as well. Yet HBO decides yet again to ruin another arc yet and guess what? ITS IN A SEPT AGAIN!!!! Alex Graves, I’m looking in your direction…

We don’t want the Trial of Loras.

We deserve the Clash of Queens.


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