Season 5 Intelligence Report New Deaths New Plot Changes New Controversy

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
1000 hours Zulu Time
prepared by Servant On Ice  
developed using information from a credible production staff source on THE SHOW
with direct access to screenwriters Benioff and Weiss

David Benioff and Daniel B. Weiss hereby known as, “THE BOOK BURNERS” have beguiled George R.R. Martin and now have full control of the television, media and movie rights to the A Song of Ice and Fire series known to show watchers as “Game of Thrones.”
Since Season 2, they have rUn away from the central plot and have injected their own opinions and rhetoric have strayed from the source material, THE BOOKS.  Since The Bookburners have done this, there are millions of people worldwide who have no idea what the books are and what they actually teach about the characters and plot.
The current problem has no real solution as physical violence would lead to  members of the Army of Anger being imprisoned and disowned by other book fans and by GRRM himself.
Even the real threat of terrorist violence by Irish political groups have not stopped the show’s production, which employs thousands of people world wide and is so powrful HBO Executives want the show to remain on for a decade as it is now their number one show of all time. Dethroning,  “First and Ten,”  “Dream On,” “Mind of a Married Man,”  “Carnivale” and the smash hit, “Hardcore Television.”
They do not care for the books, nor book readers, they only care for $$$$$ and the millions of fans worldwide, sad to say many of them are book readers.
These are disastrous but these have been confirmed by our Intelligence and by leaks to the media by third level cast members.
A.  Sansa marrying Ramsay Bolton:  Littlefinger will sell Sansa to Bolton so they can have independent kingdoms in The Vale and in the North. Ramsay will marry Sansay, take her maidenhead, and torture her. Sansa then will be rescued as Jeyne Poole was in the books.  The reason Dave and Dan made this change is to put fear in the TV watchers and to piss off the book readers.
B. The Brasen Beasts/Sons of the Harpy combination.  To really piss off bookreaders, the noble Brazen Beasts will be merged with the Sons of the Harpy to be the threats to Dany and her rule in Meereen. Another slap in the face to book readers.
C. Deaths of Ser Barristan, Stannis, and Ser Loras (for being gay_.   Instead of putting Madge Tyrell on trial, and to encourage LGTBQI groups to watch the misogynistic show, Ser Loras will be on trial by THE FAITH for being gay, the Faith and High Sparrow will Usurp power, and unlike the books, will become another player for the, “Iron Throne.”  They become the distorted religious right, as Dave and Dan take aim at their strong Christian base, to offend them and appease their leftist friends.
D. The IRON SURPRISE,  the Ironborn may be hidden by Dave and Dan this season, who knows?  Top Secret filming in Ireland. Done in a bathtub behind the Guinness brewery.  It could be true.
Ser Barristan, is boring and old on TV, so they want him gone.
Stannis, the banana peel will do him in before battle against The Boltons.
There are other changes as well, but they will be made known when the tv show airs.
The Actions to be taken are simple
1. Dave and Dan must be confronted and humiliated, there must be an advertising campaign, billboards,  radio shows, for folks to read the books and to present a counter view to Dave and Dan.
2.  We must get celebrities to help.  Kanye West is a faithful book reader and hates the show. The same for William Smith, both can use their power to put out the true doctrine.  We must get publicity, good publicity to our cause.
3. The Books on audio.  The issue is folks in our world don’t have time to read 10,000 pages of fantasy.  We must get them downloads, and books on CD, we must show people the truth of the books. We must also target the Asian American community and new immigrants to read the books in their languages so they won’t be deceived by Dave and Dan.
Following: Ways to have HBO’s Game of Thrones Neutralized
1. Have them say something racial about President Obama or First Lady Michelle Obama.
This led to the firing of a biracial host from UNIVISION this week. The FLOTUS’ office did not like the comments from him and he after 15 years of success, was fired. If Dave and Dan cross the line, and offend Pres. Obama and the first family, not even HBO will protect them and Dave and Dan will be kicked out of the Hollywood Elite, their worst fear.
2. Have them say something positive about The Bible or Christianity
This will lead to mass revolt among the HBO/Time Warner elite who despise Christians and Christian teaching. Dave and Dan again will be kicked out of the Hollywood Elite and will resort to doing bad action movies where they, “have a set of skills.”
This concludes this intel report, please burn or shred in an approved classified materials shredder.
  1. I have more shocking details, that I fear confirmed in the last days:

    1. Arya and the Waif are merged, just as Jaqen and the Kindly Man.
    2. Stannis is Aegon and gets the Golden Company. I’m not sure if he dies.
    3. Grey Worm and Missandei oral sex scenes will be praised as progressive views,
    this will get the producer team more praise and the nobel peace price.

    These are dark times indeed, and we must respond by igniting righteous fires of fury all around the globe. Kind regards, a team member.

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