The Whitewashing of Game of Thrones

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Uncategorized


My biggest problem with the show is how black/white D&D present everything compared to the books. The show clearly has favorites and views and imposes that on the show when the book was so great for its nuance and perspective.

Now it’s not completely black/white like other shows I’m watching. However, it’s pretty bad. They’ve white-washed Tyrion and Dany and got rid of many of their flaws. Tyrion murdered Shae and Tywin. Most show watchers sympathize with him. Same with Dany and her treatment of the Meereenese nobles she butchered. Stannis and the Ironborn got the short end of D&Ds treatment. Look at how Stannis’ advisers get treated when both are valuable. Jon is considered the hero of the wall by show-watchers when book-readers know Stannis as the hero. Littlefinger and Varys seem very black/white with LF basically being a mustache twirling villain and Varys is the Yin to his Yang helping out Tyrion and being oh so reasonable (despite plotting to bring MORE war via Targaryen fire). Even speculation about the incorporation of The Faith this season seems to further the argument. I’m not religious, but religion hasn’t been given a fair shake in the show considered Mel’s treatment and even how Renly was treated by his brothers. I’m also not sure how things are setting up, but it seems the ultimate battle of good and evil (ice versus fire) will have a hero and villain rather than just a battle. Who knows how things shake out in the books, but to me Dany looks like a villain. That hasn’t been glimpsed in the show.

The lack of nuance in the show really drives me nuts. The show is doing a good job, I’m enjoying it and I look forward to it more than nearly any other show. I get things are going to be changed or cut from the show. But what made the series so great was the diversity and nuance of everything. Was Jaime good or evil? Which houses would make the best ruler? Who was just? All of the countless arguments we’ve had on this board. Most of that is gone from the show. The show has it’s favorites (Jon, Dany, Tyrion) and that is that. The shame is I don’t think that a true lack of a protagonist would change the popularity either. Maybe things will change this season and we’ll see more ‘gray’ with Dany and Meereen, and Tyrion’s self-loathing or Stannis’ rejuvenation in the North, but I won’t be holding my breathe.

By BBQ_Hax0r

  1. Kyrion says:

    Dany in Meereen will be completely changed IMO.

    In the books, it started with Dany Being a murdering conqueror. Once the insurgency against her begins, she gets angry lashes out, and commands her advisers to torture people for information. Torture the daughter of people. When the murders are persistent, she takes children hostage.

    From the perspective of the Harpy, Dany is an evil, torturing women, who now has their children hostage. When she decides not to kill the children or even harm them, the harpy pacify and give her terms, like sharing power, and making Hizdahr her king, open the fighting pits. She does this for peace.

    This is important, as it shows that the Harpy are black villains, they can be negotiated with, and once they were treated with kindness, they compromised.

    However, the show seems to drop this, as the harpy attacks the pits which is contrary to them pacifing, now it looks like they have been lying to Dany all along. Its BS.

    As for the poisoned locusts, there is no evidence that it was the harpy, so please dont bring it up. Barristan is not Varys, and the shavepate is likely lying to him, he is the person that Dany gets to torture and give false confessions afterall.

    So anyways, they show BETTER not treat the Meereenese as black and white villains. This is a damn good parallel to the Isreali palestine or Iraq vs US situation situation, where there is no clear villain despite what the conservative US and Israeli population want you to believe.

    Secondly, leaving out Aegon brings huge implications for Dany’s future character arc. In the books, she will likely be hated in Westeros as she has Dothraki, sellswords, and pirates on her side. And Aegon has Knights and Westeros itself on his side. Aegon will also likely get the faith on his side aswell.

    Dany will call the beloved Aegon fake, so its more grey. The show she will be taking down Cersei rather than Aegon, much more clear who the villain and heroine is in that situation.

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