Lady Shelly Reviews the Season 5 Premiere

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Uncategorized


The first ever flashback on Game of Thrones was probably one of the most underwhelming scenes I’ve seen on the show. When we’re introduced to this mysterious fortune teller, there is all this build up and anticipation. We can feel how Cersei is nervous, but refuses to show her fear because she is a lioness of the rock! But instead of that Cersei, we are shown a little girl who threatens to kick the fortune teller off of her fathers land! Ohh so interesting! Here I am expecting to see “the woman’s eyes were yellow and all crusted about with something vile…she was short, squat and warty, with pebbly greenish jowls” but instead we are introduced to a pretty, albeit dirty, woman who is not scary or intimidating looking whatsoever. Once again a very poor casting choice by the show runners. After sucking some blood from Cersei’s finger…poof!! We have a fortune. But the most important, the most crucial, the most needed piece of the fortune is omitted–the valonqar.

Which brings me to the scene in the sept where we see Tywin looking like he’s about to float down the River Styx. As Cersei and Jaime are discussing their rights and their kingdom and blah blah we see that Jaime and Cersei have picked up right where they left off in season 4 by wanting to rule the world togetherrrrr!!! Barf

Melisandre asking Jon if he’s a virgin? Does this mean that Jon is going to show her his leech???? Please no.

“It’s not you Pod, its me.” Looks like Brienne is dumping poor ole Pod since she’s not a knight. Awww.

What in seven hells is this scene with Loras and Olyvar?? This scene does nothing to further the plot aside from reinforce that the show runners want to make Loras the poster boy for the LGBT community. I can sense the set up of something bad coming.

STANNIS ASKING FOR WILDLINGS?? Stannis doesnt want the wildlings!!! Jon wants to save them!!! Not Stannis! Stannis just bought an army of sellswords, right???

Aww heartfelt moment from Daario. Poor kid getting sold into slavery and then becoming Maximus!!

Dany clearly forgot how to dracarys this season.

  1. ServantOnIce says:

    I liked the introduction scene with Maggy the Frog. They left out the final part of the prophecy as not to give too much away to the show watchers. But a good scene.

    Cersei put up a good shield during Tywin’s funeral. Remember the show lacks the internal dialogue that the books have, so seeing her be cold is pretty accurate.

    Lancel being a religious fanatic, seems the tone of this season is fanaticism, not only religious but political adding to the mix. Dave and Dan putting their spin in the story that doesn’t belong in a Dark Ages story.

    I enjoyed Stannis and Jon Snow, Jon did good with Mance at the end. Also, Stannis is correct, it is a fair deal for The Wildlings, he needs more troops, and he needs troops who know terrain and cold weather, he needs them to overwhelm Bolton and the North and to send a signal to the rest of Westeros.

    First time they’ve made Stannis seem human since season 3.

    Dany and the Sons of the Harpy, a good introduction. A story straight from the books, and not a bad looking Harlot either (Hottie!) .

    Daario was all right, he has no butt, but he was all right. Dany is afraid of her dragons, you see Dany bungling ruling like she did in ADWD. Good job by Emilia Clarke.

    The Olyvar/Loras scene, . . pass . . not my thing. I turned to A.D.

    Tyrion and Varys were great, Dinklage is the best actor left on this show. The show will struggle without Dance, and some of the other strong actors who were killed off in Season 3 and 4.

    A good episode, not a great episode.

    Weakest Season premier, on par with Season 2 . . .

  2. ServantOnIce says:

    Little Weasel selling Sansa to the Boltons . . RAMSAN!!

  3. JennyofOldstones says:

    I hope that D&D didn’t leave out the valonquar part because they don’t ever want to kill Cersei off. They took a truly evil, hateful character and made her not as bad as she should be. She didn’t kill her friend by pushing her down a well either. I hate changes to peoples’ character more than I hate other changes they’ve made to the story.

    • Lady Shelly says:

      Thanks for your comment Jenny! I’m thinking that as well. The valonqar is pretty important so I’m shocked that it was left out. I wrote about Cersei’s whitewashing earlier this month if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

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