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The Halfman’s Halfplot: Tyrion’s Plot Reduction

By Giselda Aguiar

maxresdefault_ty   Drinking is plot right?

Before commenting on the plot changes made in Game of Thrones (GoT), specifically in relation to Tyrion, let’s understand what is plot. Plot is not about a character and the things happening to him/her. Plot is a chain of causes and effects from actions taken by characters. Because the action of one character might have been influenced by (an)other character(s) and might, in turn, affect others—not just the one who takes action—plot does not belong to one character. Therefore, plot arises from the relationships and actions of multiple characters, which is why eliminating character(s) affects plot, whether for good or bad depends on the changes and their results. (If getting rid of a character doesn’t affect the plot at all, he/she is unnecessary.) Keep in mind that an action (cause) must have one or more consequences (effects) even if those consequences were not intentional. Otherwise, why take that action? The consequence is what gives significance to the action. In other words, the consequence determines the level of importance the action that led to it had.[*]



Did anyone else watch the television program Game of Thrones? I did. Did anyone else regret this decision? I did. Once again, nothing made sense.

This show went through a lot of book plot this episode, so this recap is going to be an especially long one. Buckle up.


By Stephanie Thomas
I am going to be very transparent here and make it clear that yes, I read all the books. I read the first three in high school. The fourth one came out when I was in college, and I held on to it for after I graduated, since recreational reading doesn’t exist when you are an English major. I bought ADWD when it first came out, and read it over the course of a few months, mostly because it was very slow to start, and I had to grind my way through it.

Why am I telling you this?

Because in some cases, it has been over ten years since I really went through these books. So,if anyone is here reading my posts to crucify me over facts, I don’t really care. I am recalling this information the way an average reader of ASoIaF would because that is how accessible I want it to be. I admire the readers who spend a good portion of their time debating theories (which are awesome) and digging through thousands and thousands of words to support them — but I’m not a forum follower (aside from Reddit), so forgive me if I am out of the loop about some of the topical debates that are happening right now.

With that said…


by @_BreenIsla

There’s people who say that if you don’t start to watch or read something since its very first start, you could never be a real fan. I don’t think so.

I see myself as an ASOIAF fan now, but not always knew the tv show was based on books. I started just like many other people, brought by the tv series.

250px-thrumugnyr_theon_and_jeyne (more…)

by IceWindHail


In light of some … blessedly peculiar plot turns. I thought I would think over some of what is happening on the show and start up a discussion.

What is an idiot plot? Basically it’s a plot that would not happen or would be resolved quickly and easily if people acted with any common sense or basic intelligence. You can see here for TvTropes full definition.


By Lady Kaitlyn


“The book and the show are different, deal with it. Rape was common in this type of society, deal with it. Ramsay had to rape her, deal with it. Gore and sex are a hallmark of Game of Thrones, deal with it. Don’t be so defensive of your favorite character, deal with it. You’re overacting, deal with it.”

You’re still wrong


By Ser Nigel Overstreet

It’s been a few days since I posted my episode recap in which I loudly, and proudly, proclaim how I and LORD ANGRY were right and every single mainstream news outlet was wrong.


Since then, they’ve all turned a corner on the television program Game of Thrones. The Mary Sue  is completely done.

Gawker Media has Lost. TheirMinds.

The very excellent ASOIAF University will no longer take show-only submissions due to “that Sansa scene.”

Most importantly, hordes of fans are turning on the show for good. Some may stop watching while many, I suspect, will only continue hate-watching.




Woman looking out of window, close-up, cropped

Sorry. This is a 6,500 word therapeutic rant. But I had to write to get it out of my head. And then I had to tell someone, and you were the only person I could think of (sad isn’t it). I wrote it like a blog entry, but it is ridiculously long, waffling and probably in need of serious editing. I don’t know what else to do I am not strong enough to join the discussion forums. I hoped you could do something with it. You can do with it what you like. It is about GoT 506 and the Sansa scene. And why it was not a good change, and why rape shouldn’t be a plot device. But I don’t know how coherent it is. I am a mess, and I can’t face re-reading it. Please keep speaking up. I’m not strong enough. I’m sorry to dump this on you but you seem to get it. I just want to let someone know. I havn’t been able to sleep since Sunday, so this might not make any sense. I don’t need a friend or support, just a voice. I am sorry. I will not bother you again. Thankyou for your anger.

Rape should not be a plot device and I am the reason why.


THE EXECUTIONERS:   Benioff, Weiss and Cogman
by Servant On Ice
So it has fallen, the sword of, “Benioff and Weiss” has come down on Sansa Stark as we in the Army of Anger, and other book readers and astute show only watchers knew it would.  The outrage is beyond what I expected. It is Wednesday as I write this and still the rage is fresh in this nation.  It has divided the fan base and while HBO and BWC Inc. (acronym for David Benioff, Daniel B. Weiss and Brian Cogman, the show writers) secretly rejoice at the controversy and ratings/buzz to come, they know they did wrong, or did they? I am going to bounce around a lot, so please understand as we go forward.