Why I Love Sansa Stark

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Why do I like the most hated Stark so much? That ‘annoying’, ‘weak’, ‘stupid’ girl. The girl that was not as strong and brave as her cool sister. That girl that just got her father into all the trouble and then did nothing but cry for the rest of the time. That girl that was so stupid to be in love with Joffrey. So honestly now, why do I like her? The answer is simple, there is a massive potential in this character and it has just begun. Welcome to why I love Sansa Stark.

So as we all know, Sansa fell in love with Joffrey and was obsessed with the thought of marrying him, she did not care about her family and even told Cersei about Eddard’s plan at one point. Now we will all just blame her for being an idiot and stupid, which is partially true. However, Sansa represents a part in all of us, which is naïveté. We are all naïve at one point in our life’s and we get fooled and tricked and believe that we found the solution to everything in our life, just to then be disappointed and broken. We all make mistakes and most older siblings reject their younger siblings when they are with their friends. It is normal and Sansa is not an exception, Sansa is one of us, one who has dreams of knights and the perfect husband, one who has planned her perfect world and one who faces the harsh reality of life at the same time as her puberty. While the girls around her still like gossip and think of marrying a knight, Sansa has woken up from the dream in the harshest possible way and she has survived. And that is one of her great aspects, she has suffered unbearably, had to fake smiles when the news of the red wedding arrived, had to smile when she married the drunk dwarf known for his love of whoring even though she was promised to the prince, had to smile after the riot and the attempted rape, and still they did not break her, they broke what should have never been there. Sansa survived the superbowl or world cup of scheming and playing the game of thrones. Most importantly she is feeling repentance, a motto also important to the sparrows, Brienne’s storyline on the quiet isle and of course Theon.

Now as happens to all people who get put in such difficult situations, you either become angry and bitter, like Viserys, or you become a nicer and more loveable person like Sansa. In the Eyrie we meet Sweetrobin again, a child not much more different than Joffrey. They both had mothers that were over protective and took no care in making sure that they were not spoiled. However when Lysa dies, Sweetrobin is extremely scared. Difficult to deal with as he is, the formerly hurt and broken Sansa manages to help Robin in his times of trouble. She, who knows how it is to be in such pain, helps him and acts as a mother and takes care of him, she shows him love when others show him impatience and only see a lordling not a person in him. Sansa learns how to love and she has changed, she has mentally walked to her own quiet isle, the Eyrie.

Nice people are good, but they do not survive in the game of thrones, one needs more than just a good will. And that is where Petyr with his small finger but great influence has his part to play. Petyr is a genius and a mastermind, he knows how to trick people and how to manipulate them, and he is one of the best in surviving in such a hell as the red keep. Littlefinger treats Sansa as his daughter and teaches her how to achieve her goals, she learns from him, and the greatest example is the Sansa chapter in The Winds of Winter. First she is totally in love with him as with Joffrey, this just shows as that Sansa is not Alayne Baelish, she is still the same Sansa stark. Then she is offended by him but instead of Sansa stark, she is not heartbroken, she uses Petyr’s tactics to tease him and manipulate him and eventually at the end of the chapter, he falls in love with her. The chapter is pure genius. We have the same old Sansa, but now she is clever and strong and has acquired a great sense of humor. Her time of repentance is over; she has fully recovered to become something amazing.

And now to the show, Dave and Dan have come up with great ideas like Jaime Cersei’s rape scene, removing inspirational characters like Septon Meribald, or fanaticizing and falsely portraying the peaceful sparrows. None of these ideas are as great as making Littlefinger marry of Sansa to Ramsay. This idea is wrong in all possible ways, my first thought was ‘burn this abomination before it lays eggs’ my second one was the same, and my third….
Now why is this wrong, first of all it is much nicer for Sansa to marry Harry instead of a person whose only positive aspect is how he treats his hounds. We know that Westeros is not fair so that argument is not the best but RamSan is the opposite of what Littlefinger would desire. First of all, Littlefinger does not simply plan Joffrey’s murder, and possibly even the war of the five kings, and takes Sansa to the eyrie just to sell her off to the Bolton’s. Sansa is the key to the north not some girl for an alliance. And secondly it is obvious that Littlefinger loves Sansa either as his daughter, his wife or possibly as Catelyn. He would never give off his daughter to the man who killed his imaginary wife, just no way. The show also turns Sansa into what fans call ‘Darth Sansa’. That is completely wrong, Sansa does not become dark and Littlefingers slave, she becomes Littlefingers apprentice while simultaneously flourishing her new personality and greatness in the eyrie.

Now the last aspect where Sansa is fascinating, is that Littlefinger seems invincible and god-like, he has no weakness apart from his fighting skills. But Sansa proves this wrong, she and Catelyn are his weak points and she has the power to manipulate him and break him eventually. Often fans compare her with Arya who is brave and like her father, but brave people are bold and choose danger. Bold people like Ned are crushed by people like Littlefinger. Sansa however is both honorable and sensible and clever at the same time.

So whenever people talk about those characters they liked so much that they just read all their chapters and skipped all the ones in between, I will tell them that for me it was not the Arya or Jon chapters but the Sansa chapters in a feast for crows, the two most disliked things for mainstream fans, Sansa and AFfC. You should not wonder why I like Sansa, you should wonder why you dislike her.

By Septon Felipe

  1. jenni4955 says:

    I just don’t get this crazy change in the story – that of Littlefinger wanting to marry Sansa to Ramsay. Some fans think that Sansa is going to kill either Ramsay or Roose or possibly both, but seriously? A whole army can’t invade Winterfell and kill them but a girl acting alone can? What mystifies me is how anyone can buy into this nonsense. I never hated Sansa because I feel she is one of the very few ‘normal’ people in the story (the book story), the other being Sam, who despite everything that has happened to them, all the crazy stuff that nobody should have to go through, they seem to still want to live their lives in as ‘normal’ a way as possible. I have no idea how the TV show is going to play out but it worries me that it may have jumped the shark with the Sansa/Bolton nonsense.

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