HBO Rape Culture and Sansa Stark

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The Sword of Benioff  and Weiss
By Servant On Ice
This posting deals with sexual violence, I take this subject matter very seriously as it has been my career in the real world to put people in prison who commit acts of sexual violence and to find help for their victims.  Please be mature and responsible in your discussions.  Thank you.
Sexual Violence, known in the common English language under the terms, “rape,”  “molestation” and “sexual torture,” have been a part of mankind since the beginning of recorded history.  Especially in ancient civilizations where the true sign of victory in  conflict was either total genocide of the defeated population or subjugation by killing all the men, sexually assaulting all the women and girls, and selling the small children and boys into slavery.

Brutal, violent and as the stories come out from Nigeria, Iraq and Syria, the barbaric practices of times past still persist.
In the series, “A Song of Ice and Fire” George R.R. Martin, (“GRRM”) has included the brutal practices of the Dark Ages in his fantasy to world, to show us how Kings, Lords and Knights were really like.  Study the history of monsters like Clovis of France of even the actions of the Vikings under Ragnar and the Sons of Ragnar, they were rapers and reavers and were real threats.
Where does this fit in with our discussion about, “THE BOOKS” and “THE SHOW!” That is because a major change of story for one character has taken her from a place of cautious safety to a place of absolute suffering.
Sansa’s journey has been one of suffering. She started off the typical spoiled rich girl. She had it all, a huge castle, tons of stories to keep her attention, and tons of wealth.  She then went to King’s Landing the capital city where she was to marry the future king and become Queen of Westeros.  Ha!
Her father and his guard were slain, her siblings in her mind all wiped out, save Jon Snow, her bastard half brother at The Wall,  and her family and world become ashes and dust.  She was beaten by Joffrey’s goons and then in the books Joffrey threatened to have Tyrion killed so he could force himself upon Sansa so she could have, “his bastards.”   Wow!
Joffrey is slain, she escapes, and she’s in The Vale with her aunt. She’s safe, nope, her aunt goes bonkers, Little Weasel kills her, and now she’s hiding out as his bastard daughter.  But, Dave and Dan didn’t like that slow story.
The both of them and B. Cogman, the three book burners, the three scoundrels, the three folks who have betrayed GRRM’S epic work of literature, said, “Let’s put Sansa in danger of rape!”  That’s right, Sansa  is to marry the monster Ramsay Snow.
Google Ramsay Snow, Ramsay Bolton and see what acts he has committed in the books and in the show. He’s a monster . .  he already has sexually violated Reek/Theon and has flayed his enemies. He’s Joffrey unleashed.  Roose is equal or in reality more of a monster than his son.  Roose is a controlled storm while Ramsay a wild one.
Roose and Ramsay care nothing for anyone but themselves. Roose loves Roose, Ramsay loves Ramsay, Ramsay only fears Roose.  That is it.  There is no love or concept of love from the Boltons, only power and control.  Only needs and wants.
Now these butchers have Sansa in the fold.  As others have pointed out Little Finger  given up one of his precious treasures to such known savages is idiotic.  This is something the Three Book Burners have done with Little Weasel. From his stupid threat of Cersei in Season 2, to this idiocy. This makes no sense.    None . .
Except it puts the viewers and book readers in fear. They know (Book Readers) what Ramsay did to Jeyne Poole/Arya.   They know how she was covered with bite marks, bruises, naked and chained cowering in a room.  Now Sansa’s turn . . . Sansa to be violated by Ramsay . . . and his vile group of wenches that are with him.
This is rough .  . will Sansa witness sexual violence or become a victim of one? How will viewers react?  This has happened on television and in literature before.  The most recently on the HBO show, “The Sopranos” where the beloved Psychiatrist was attacked and raped.  Fans were outraged! They wanted her to avenge! They wanted her to tell Tony what happened and to find the scumbag and make him suffer.
Same here,  . . . Sansa is in danger. Folks who foolishly think that Ramsay will fall in love with her haven’t been paying attention to the books, the show or reality. Ramsay has no concept of love and Sansa has no concept of being anything but a person in danger of being beaten and raped, again.
Why do this?  Last year had too much rape, Cersei, who wasn’t raped by Jaime, as the actors, GRRM, the director and The Book Burners say it wasn’t rape.     A female co-worker came up to me, a non book reader a few days later and said, “What was with Jaime raping Cersei?”    My goodness . . the the Craster scenes,  the one most outrageous was for Meera Reed in danger of getting raped in front of her brother and friends.  Terrible . . .   but now Sansa?  Brienne, Pod and possibly Theon could rescue her but when? How? Why? After seeing Sansa suffer?
Why Sansa again?  Why sexual violence again? Why do this Dave and Dan? For cheap ratings? For cheap emotions? For a cheap thrill?   No . .
As much as I disdain The Book Burners, there is something we in the real world ignore. We don’t care about sexual violence until it impacts us.  All the horrors of Isis are a world away, all the stories of human sex trafficking are just bunk by neo cons,  all the stories of child sex tourism are just, “folks far away.”
Until it impacts us . . . .     By  putting Sansa, our beloved virgin and honorable woman in danger, we are seeing the reality of life.  It is not just for women and children but men in prison live in real fear of being raped.  So by taking someone like Sansa, and putting her in danger, we get to see what it really means not only to lose, “the game of thrones” as the Starks right now appear to be total losers, but to be a person without power in the realm of those with none.  It puts you in danger . . it puts you at risk and with out a Tyrion or Sandor Clegane to aid you, you are  victim.
With Sansa in such a serious situation, it must be handled with care.  I think the biggest concern that some have is that Dave and Dan are needlessly putting her in this situation.  Would Jeyne Poole posing as Arya Stark work? It worked in the books and makes sense for them keeping Theon around. After taking Moat Cailin what use does Ramsay have for his Reek?  Someone to torture? There are many folks to torture and Ramsay can always find new, “Reeks.” Why keep him there?
Again, Little Finger surrounding the one woman he loves, the one woman he cares about. Think about this Little Finger has risked death, he spared Sansa when Tywin Lannister was alive, when a death order was on her head. He risked it all, and to give her away to folks he knows are monsters makes zero sense.
Why do this? For a cheap fear moment? To spur internet responses such as I am writing or for a cheap, “gotcha” thrill?   I know Dave and Dan are demented folks, but let’s hope two guys who are married to women and B. Cogman is also married to a woman, would treat a character this way?
Now again, we understand and know that Dave and Dan know the fate and the fate path of every remaining character int his series, they know that Sansa in, “The Winds of Winter” may be a victim of sexual violence or a witness of it.  They may be mentally preparing us for it.
Some still are upset with Dave and Dan and the portrayal in season one of the scene with Dany and Khal Drogo. I remember watching it and thinking, “It’s nothing, he’s a savage Mongol like warrior.”  But some took it as a sexual assault scene.   Some think Dave and Dan did it that way, while the book shows a more gentle romantic progression, for shock.
Let’s hope also Dave and Dan are raising awareness about sexual violence and not just using it for shock and awe.  Sansa being a victim of sexual violence may be the discussion we need to have in this nation instead of sweeping it under the rug.
It is gripping, but it is where the story is headed . . .   Dave and Dan have done this . . .they have taken GRRM’S story to the absurd.  From Little Finger being able to travel at warp speed across Westeros, from him giving away Sweet Robin and Sansa for nothing, to Madge having a sexual relationship with Tommen (who rapid aged), to Jaime and Bronn’s excellent adventure to Dorne  . .  to Drogon the magic Dragon  . . .   the reality is Dave and Dan have taken artwork from art of the first four seasons, to absurd this fifth season.
I will watch, hoping Dave and Dan redeem themselves, and hoping we learn a hard lesson about sexual violence, real and fictional . . it must be stopped.  It it is to be done in fiction, it is to be done as GRRM and has done adding it to the dark reality of his world, not to spike ratings or piss off viewers or to feed an element who are aroused by the threat or reality of sexual violence.
We shall see . . .
Servant On Ice
May 2, 2015 A.D.

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