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Yes Barristan and Greyworm are both dead. That shot of Missandei kissing Greyworm in the trailer takes place on his deathbed. Daenerys agrees to reopen the fighting pits to invoke peace between the slaves and masters. Tyrion and Jorah get captured by slave traders and brought to their leader Yezzan. He sells them both to the newly reopened fighting pits in Meereen. Daenerys recognizes them both, frees Tyrion, but makes Jorah stay in the pits. Tyrion convinces Dany to let him join her council because of his knowledge of Kings Landing and those in power there. Daenerys agrees to have some of the old masters forced into the pits as well (I thought you hated slavery Khaleesi! Mercy! Mercy!) In ep.10 Sons of the Harpy invade the pits and try to assassinate Daenerys. Daario kills Hizdahr zo Loraq Drogon swoops in and burns the fuck out of everything and everyone. Dany climbs on his back and they fly away.


Arya spots Meryn Trant while chasing a cat and kills him with a little trickery. “Cunt” witnesses this and goes to tell Jaqen. He says “I see” and then slits her throat. (Did I miss something?) Jaqen tells Arya she has to let go of “Arya Starks grievances” if she wants to become no one. He has her drink from the well like that dude in episode 3. She passes out. Next morning she wakes up blind and the House of Black and White is empty. Final time we see her she is laying down on a cold floor, eyes wide open, repeating her kill list names once again.


Ellaria continues to pester Doran about going to war. He bans her from visiting him. Sand Snakes duel with Areo Hotah for fun in a scene that doesn’t really go anywhere Myrcella and Trystane discuss their future (Trystane is a smug little bitch). Sand Snakes catch Jaime and Bronn lurking outside the water gardens. Fight breaks out. Bronn injures Tyene. Nym traps him in her whip. Obara disarms Jaime. Both are about to be killed but Areo Hotah spots them and puts an end to the fight. Jaime is brought to Doran, Bronn is taken prisoner. Jaime pleads to Doran to allow him to take Myrcella home. He refuses because she’s betrothed to his son. Snakes/Ellaria want Jaime killed – Doran shuts them up and reminds them they have zero authority. Jaime admits Myrcella is a bastard and not worth anything to them, Doran still says no because Trystane loves her. Jaime is allowed to visit Myrcella and Trystane. She refuses to leave. He notices Myrcella still has her necklace and realizes Cersei manipulated him into going to Dorne. Jaime receives a letter from Cersei begging for him to return and help her. After a heartfelt fireside conversation with Bronn, Jaime burns the letter and ignores her call. Jaime and Bronn are freed and told never to return. Sand Snakes/Ellaria chase after them and ambush them at night. Obara kills Bronn They let Jaime go only because Doran would not allow them to murder him. Ellaria makes it clear that their feud is not over.

Kings Landing (p1):

Cersei uses Littlefinger’s help to frame Margaery for adultery, claiming she sometimes visits Baelish’s brothel The Faith Militant throw her in prison – Tommen is devastated and sends for his Uncle Kevan to return and help. Cersei visits Margaery and they argue. Margaery calls Cersei a “lying, cheating, brother-fucking bitch.” Cersei laughs, spits on her and leaves. Loras has Olivar threaten Lancel and force him to admit all of his and Cersei’s actions to the Faith. Cersei is thrown in prison. She has Qyburn send a letter to Jaime asking him to come save her Kevan is now Tommen’s hand, and has managed to fix many of the things that Cersei fucked up. Littlefinger has also rejoined the council temporarily. The Tyrells are freed

Kings Landing (p2):

Cersei is given two options: Be killed, or admit to her sins and crimes, and perform a walk of penance. She admits to sleeping with Lancel, but not Jaime. She also does not admit to framing Margaery, so there will be a trial. The Faith Militant cut and rip out her hair, strip her naked, and whip her through the streets chanting “sinner”. People scream and throw shit and rocks at her. She cries a lot. (This scene is very well done besides a few weird green screen shots where you can tell she isn’t in front of a real crowd of people. Amazing acting by Lena Headey too!) She arrives at the Red Keep. Qyburn cloaks her and brings her inside. He introduces her to The Mountain, her champion for the upcoming trial, alive and completely covered in armor. (No “Ser Robert Strong” rename, but Qyburn does explain he is a different man now.) Kevan and Littlefinger have a well written conversation about the state of affairs in Westeros. They enter the tower of the hand together and find a dead Pycelle with a bolt in his chest. Varys enters the room behind them with a crossbow. He shoots Kevan, then Littlefinger as he tries to escape. Varys explains to a dying Littlefinger that what he just did will throw the seven kingdoms into chaos and open a window for Daenerys to take the throne. As he’s walking out he says “You were right about chaos you know. It is a ladder. I’m afraid you’ve just fallen from it, my friend.” WTF IS THIS ?!

Winterfell (p1):

Sansa spots Reek and recognizes him as Theon. She’s terrified and asks what happened to him, he runs away, trips in the mud, then gets up and runs to the heart tree. She follows him. Reek is hiding by the heart tree when he hears a child’s voice (Bran maybe?) say “I know what you did Theon Greyjoy.” He touches the tree and sees visions flash for about a second. The images he sees are a weirwood tree, Robb Stark smiling, the fake burned bodies of the stark boys, and a direwolf snarling. When they stop he immediately says “I’m Reek.” Sansa finds him and tries to talk to him and ask what they did to him. He is unresponsive and completely paranoid that it’s a trick by Ramsey. He says “I’m Reek” again (we get it, you’re Reek!) and runs off. Sansa is married to Ramsey. The Wedding is gross and unprofessional. Very different from her Kings Landing wedding. Ramsey invites Myranda to the bedding ceremony and makes Sansa watch them have sex. Both girls are very uncomfortable. After a few minutes, Ramsey passes out because he’s too drunk. Roose tells Ramsey about Stannis and his plans to take the north. He reiterates how important this marriage is in solidifying their stance at Winterfell. He’s suspicious that Ramsey didn’t consummate the marriage because he was found passed out in his bed with Myranda, and Sansa was still clothed on the other side of the room. Ramsey lies and says he did.

Winterfell (p2):

Ramsey prepares to actually consummate the marriage, and once again forces Sansa to watch him fuck Myranda, as if it will make her more excited to have sex with him. When it obviously isn’t working because Sansa is crying, Ramsey forces Reek to strip her naked and “get her warmed up” (Yes, we see a fully nude Sansa for the first time. It almost feels wrong to look.) Ramsey pulls Reek off and throws him on the ground. He then forces himself on Sansa. She’s begging him to stop and bawling. Myranda is crying in a chair. Ramsey is annoyed by Sansa’s screaming and clutches her throat. He tells Reek to bring a cast iron bar (fire stoker I think) over and choke Sansa with it to keep her quiet. He brings it over and stalls for a second. Ramsey says “What are you waiting for? Reek?” Reek looks at him, then swings the bar into the side of Ramsey’s head, HARD. Ramsey collapses to the floor. Sansa and Theon steal a horse and escape Winterfell (No guards on duty that night? lol) They come across Brienne and Podrick. The four of them decide to ride for the wall where Jon Snow is. Ramsey is pissed and Roose is even more pissed because Stannis is on his way. Ramsey flays Myranda

The Wall:

Tormund and the wildlings still refuse to bend the knee, even if Stannis gives them the Gift as their home. Melisandre tells Jon about more of her fire visions. She says he is very important, but he will die if he helps the wildlings. He doesn’t believe her. Jon leads the wildlings to Hardhome, a bay in the north for food. supplies, and a way south. Stannis marches south, leaving Selyse, Shireen, and Melisandre at the wall. The battle at Hardhome is fantastic. The most intricate and visible (woohoo!) battle on the show to date. No significant deaths though. When Jon returns to Castle Black, many of his sworn brothers are upset at his choice to abandon the wall to help the wildlings. Several of them ambush Jon one night, surrounding him with knives in their hands. They stab him to death while repeating “For the watch.” (This scene is really eerie and depressing. Very well done.) Melisandre burns Shireen alive in order to resurrect Jon. Selyse is crying and begging on the ground. Jon, surrounded by fire, opens his eyes which are now a PIERCING LIGHT BLUE. The season ends with this shot.






Tee_JaimeDidnt Tee_AGOTF_Ladies

  1. BUM says:

    I knew they were going to have the Jon death or whatever it is scene in this season. I actually was going to write that in my previous comment on your other post, but didn’t want to be accused of spoiling.

    Oh, man–how much of this is GRRM sharing the ending with them and sheer bullshit. So Jon is a White Walker resurrected, but if he is Targaryen, he is also fire, not to mention that he is resurrected by fire, so I smell some weird bad stuff here.

    They kill Bronn! He is one of the few fun characters left. Figures. D and D are so stupid.

    I also figured that Cersei would have to do that walk of shame this season too.

    So they are also screwing up Dorne. Not a surprise, but very, very disappointing as there is no good reason for any of this. They should have casted Arienne and forgot all about the Sand Snakes.

    Leaving Jorah in the pit is typical of series Dany–would book Dany be as stupid? So she frees a Lannister and keeps the one person who unequivocally loves her and admits his error. Of course, she needs Tyrion since no one else is around to run the government except Daario and that isn’t his thing. So they kill Grey Worm too. Hey, let’s just kill everyone so that there is no show left.

    I don’t even know what to do with the stupidity of killing Littlefinger. My guess is that he will die in the books at some point, but certainly not like that.

    I’m glad I read these spoilers as I was wondering how I was going to cope with my anger during the rest of the season.

    I hope they cancel the show. It is hopeless.

    • Justin says:

      Did you really think Bronn was going to make it out alive though, I’m confused. I knew he was a goner the moment he was paired with Jaime to go to Dorne. Plus their have been too many clues, as early as the casting calls for the Sand Snakes last yr

    • T says:

      Spoilers are fake

    • jones says:

      youre a sooky lil B**ch! lol
      oi keep crying… also, this isnt all the truth, in fact, with the 2 latest episodes, a lot of the stuff mentioned didnt happen the waay this article suggests such as the sansa and reek scene.
      idont think littlefinger will die, at least not yet, and not the way this article suggests… other then some good theories.

  2. jenni4955 says:

    Wow. Thanks for this. You are wonderful.

  3. Winifred Overstreet says:

    I’m not normally one for all caps replies. I’m rarely as angry as that and it’s really not my style, but…


  4. jenni4955 says:

    Now that I’ve read through this again I must say the only part I like is Loras confronting Lancel, getting the truth out of him and throwing Cersei into prison. In the books we know that Jaime has made Loras a Kingsguard. Why D&D decided to leave this out of the show is mystifying because it showed another layer to the fabric of Kings Landing and how the Kingsguard thing works. I digress, but in the scene where Jaime gave Ned’s reforged sword to Brienne, I thought he might appoint Loras as a Kingsguard then, but it never happened. Oh well. It would have made much more sense to have had this happen so it would make more sense now for Loras to have Cersei thrown into jail. Why did they bring up the White Book with its tales of all the brave men of the Kingguard only to never mention them again? I’ll stop now because I could literally take every page of the book and discuss it with respect to how much better it would have been to follow what George wrote rather than make up these stupid monstrosities that don’t make sense.

  5. Moonlight says:

    I saw this on tumblr yesterday, and after a few sleuths went at it, it was pretty much all but confirmed as a fake: http://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/34jwtv/spoilers_all_so_someone_in_4chan_is_claiming_they/

  6. BUM says:

    Agreed Jenni. They have damaged Loras beyond repair. They have tried to do the same to Stannis on the show as well in favor of Dany the Dingbat. Now that we know these spoilers, they may finally succeed in destroying Stannis on screen. Shame on them!

  7. Jon Show says:

    So now that they’ve sped through all the books in these error riddled (especially the last 3) seasons everything from here on out is going to be pure D&D potentially spoiling fanfic?? I don’t think I can bare to watch anymore. NO ONE UNDERSTAAANDS!! SUNDAYS ARE FOR RE-READING!!

  8. BlackRaven says:

    I recall a cast member saying that an unexpected and well-known character will appear at Dorne in one of the last episodes… I don’t see anything about it here.
    And what about Stannis?
    And I don’t believe for a second the Littlefinger thing, though who knows…
    I want to stay skeptical because this plots suck.

  9. BUM says:

    Maybe Lady Stoneheart will go to Dorne. They could use her.

  10. Eva Mullens says:

    thanks for this. so basically, all the bad guys are still up and about and the good guys are dead. Typical GoT.

  11. Paul says:

    Thanks for this! How does Dany recognize Tyrion when she’s NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE?! It doesn’t make sense. Most of the things that D&D are doing are so arbitrary and haphazard. I do like some changes because I know everything doesn’t translate as well from book to screen but this is getting ridiculous.

  12. So Melisandre has no idea that Jon will come back as one of the Others? That she is actually raising her enemy back to life?

  13. Fishsticks says:

    What was the source for these? They sound semi-legit (if really stupid), but is there a possibility it’s just a tryhardy troll?

  14. mognetic says:

    A friend of mine who works for HBO told me this all bullshit. We will see.

  15. GOTisLIFE says:

    So is it confirmed that Jorah dies? Or does it cut away before the Dany allies are “burned?”

  16. Why doesn’t this mention Stannis’s tents on fire?

  17. The actor that plays as Bronn discussed his role for season 6 will be expanded. How can that be possible if he dies? Also, Greyworm is in a pic in the fighting pits, and Myrcella and Trysten apparently die in season 5.

  18. Frank says:

    I call bullshit. It doesn’t add up. It’s obvious theyre gonna trial Loras for being gay, for example. And Mel rides with Stannis, she doesnt stay at castle black. Complete bullshit.

  19. oberynmartell says:

    mognetic this looks legit,oddly you sound bullshit-no offence

  20. This article is bad and you should feel bad says:

    this article is literally copy and pasted from a post that circulates around certain television boards

    entirely baseless rumours. can’t believe this is what qualifies for an article these days. ctrl+c, ctrl+v = $$$$. absolutely disgusting.

  21. KP says:

    lol all this is pure speculation. You know what gave you away? Melisandre being at the wall. We have already seen a trailer where melisandre is in the same room as stands on a tent when making his battle plans for winterfell. Of course, lot of the speculation you have here makes perfect sense and I bet some will even come true but not all. Thanks though.

  22. John says:

    Well, now that we’ve seen Episode 5, can we agree this is made up bullshit? Several things directly contradicted and a complete failure to predict anything that happened in the episode aside from things anybody could have predicted based on trailers.

  23. Dhooge says:

    You fucking cunt, so this was fake all along.

  24. viveknitw says:

    i told all my friends the story and now it seems (after watching episode 5) that its fake!


    when they wrote spoilers , did they mean spoilers spoiler! ??

  25. Sundar says:

    Greyworm didn’t die 😛 😛

  26. So far, we’re up to episode 6, and these “spoilers” have already been debunked several times. No credibility in this post, just a very creative guess.

  27. I have a few real spoilers(WARNING PLEASE): Again, WARNING, for real. Bronn lives, but a certain fan-fav does die. WARNING AGAIN. And the death goes to…the King of Grammer.

  28. R says:

    This is old, it’s already been debunked, it claims that melisandre is left at the wall but official photos that have been released have shown her in Stannis tent heavily suggesting that she goes south with him.

  29. BUM says:

    No way will they kill Stannis….oh, wait, they killed Ser Barristan, invented Ros, turned Littlefinger into a brothel owner with super flying powers, married Robb to what’s her name, omitted “Edd, fetch me a block”, raped Sansa–maybe these spoilers aren’t on the mark, but the series sure isn’t caring about anything that seems like plausible plot for the characters they have developed. I’m expecting a merging with Walking Dead by Season 6.

  30. Grent says:

    A lot of this is wrong…

  31. Stephen says:

    Having read this and watched all 9 episodes. Most of this is wrong. Ramsey doesn’t make Sansa watch, he makes Reek watch as he rapes Sansa. Stannis takes his wife and daughter South. The tree thing with Theon didn’t happen. Pretty sure Grey Worm survives. Myrcella’s necklace was stolen from her bedroom…. So much wrong with this post.

  32. Andy says:

    too bad all this turned out to be bull shit and just pure speculation

  33. You Suck says:

    bahahahahahahahaha what a load of shit, who came up with this horseshit storyline? ROFLMAO

  34. tony says:

    Your ” spoilers ” are so wrong it makes me laugh. The only thing you got right was the name of the characters. I found your sight by mistake & wish I didn’t visit as I now feel a tad bit dumber for doing so. I see why you are the angrygotfan cause if I was as stupid as you I would be angry too.

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