THE EXECUTIONERS – Benioff Weiss and Cogman

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THE EXECUTIONERS:   Benioff, Weiss and Cogman
by Servant On Ice
So it has fallen, the sword of, “Benioff and Weiss” has come down on Sansa Stark as we in the Army of Anger, and other book readers and astute show only watchers knew it would.  The outrage is beyond what I expected. It is Wednesday as I write this and still the rage is fresh in this nation.  It has divided the fan base and while HBO and BWC Inc. (acronym for David Benioff, Daniel B. Weiss and Brian Cogman, the show writers) secretly rejoice at the controversy and ratings/buzz to come, they know they did wrong, or did they? I am going to bounce around a lot, so please understand as we go forward.

How many times in literature from antiquity to now do we see a hero or villain on matter if they are a corny hero wearing a cape, or the current tough guy or lady ready to kill anyone in sight by any means, they are motivated by one thing, REVENGE!!  That is right, they either went though a sexual assault or murder themselves such as Kenshiro from, “Fist of The North Star” or Sonia, from, “Red Sonia.”  Or they have seen it upon others and wanted justice on their behalf.  Perfect example is David Carradine on the show, “Kung Fu” or the show, “The Equalizer.”
The plot is the same and it seems that is where our dear Sansa is headed.  Yes she suffered the deaths of her father, threatened gang rape, beatings and now a rape, but will this be a launching pad for, “Red Sansa” or “Foxxy Sansa?”   Women who were sexually assaulted and got their revenge. Same old story, same old form, why not something new from BWC Inc? Or are they incapable of giving us something new?  Why Sansa? Why this?  Shock? A Cheap Trick? To inspire Theon to change? My goodness . .  in the books, Theon’s change is miraculous and a shock, a good moment, but it seems BWC Inc., want to keep it simple for a TV audience that they assume as brain dead as some of their plots this season.
Roose tells Ramsay he needs Sansa, then Ramsay who knows he needs her to hold on to power, does something idiotic and rapes her.
Stannis in episode one tells Jon he needs The Wildlings and Jon Stark to take The North that he won’t be able to do it without both of them, what happens? In episode 4 and 5 Stannis goes off to war, without the two things he knows he needs to assure victory.  Stannis’ defeat is automatic.  Thanks for another simple plot device BWC Inc.!
Dany’s marriage to Hizdahr that has no need, and Littlefinger not knowing that Ramsay is a monster after knowing that Roose is a monster.   My goodness . . . .   Telling Cersei that Sansa married Ramsay while not knowing if Cersei can inquire how Sansa got their in the first place and could cook his goose.
Folks are outraged that Sansa was raped by Ramsay, but were folks outraged when the same thing happened to a woman of colour named, “Max” on the show, “Black Sails?”  Max was raped, beaten, and left in a tent to suffer dehydration and pain, she was later freed by the pirate Ann Bonny played by Clara Paget.  Folks hated what happened to Max but the outrage was never there, why?  Is it because Max is a woman of color who is a brothel prostitute while Sansa is white purity, a daughter of of a highborn noble, too good to suffer such a fate?   Huh? Stupid comparison isn’t it . . .  but that is what has happened in the, “knee jerk” reaction of the Internet world.
The failure of BWC Inc., not only falling to good ol using rape/death as a plot advancement device and for good ol’ shock and awe to inspire ratings for their writing this season which has been lackluster, is the simple cartoonish villains.  Now the author Stephen Deas has two good essays on his website about the subject, so go there if you want to find a more detailed synopsis on the subject. But for me I am going to keep it real simple.
Why did Ramsay rape Sansa?  WHY DID RAMSAY RAPE SANSA?   “Well, he’s eeeevilllllll.”  Is that the answer? Mum-Rah, Moon-Star, Dr. Claw, so that is Ramsay Snow?  Huh?  There are flat villains in, “A Song of Ice and Fire.”   Ser Gregor,  The Slave Masters of Slavers’ Bay, etc.  and book Ramsay Snow.
Hmmm how about some depth here?  BWC Inc. have the power many book purists and fan fiction writers wish they had, the power to adapt GRRM’S story.  Why not give us a real villain with Ramsay? Ramsay instead of raping Sansa, makes sweet love to her, wins her over, and she becomes his disciple in his dark passions . . . and in his goal for what Ramsay really wants, power in the North and a name to be feared and respected.    Nope, Ramsay is just a raping dummy like Ser Gregor,  a spoiled rich boy like Joffrey,  . . .  ohh so no depth?  No Captain Charles Vane in love with Eleanor, no Captain Flint (I won’t Spoil),  no Hannibal Lecter in love with Clarice  no Dexter Morgan loving Harrison, Deb and Harry.  You see a flat villain . . .  a cartoonish villain who does something stupid . .    Michael Madsen, the famous actor said something that has stuck with me.  He said, “James Cagney once said that if you are playing a good character, you have to find something dark about them and that if you are playing a bad character you have to find one thing redeeming about him, if not your performance will be flat.”
Little Caesar knew his stuff  other writers know their stuff . .   BWC Inc.  maybe have lost their way?
Sansa’s hair being washed out by Myranda from the black hidden to the Tully red shows one thing, in BWC Inc. eyes, she is a pawn, nothing but a pawn.
Servant On Ice
Show Watcher and Book Reader since 2011
  1. Walter T says:

    There’s a great deal more depth to Ramsay Bolton’s character as written in the HBO spin that just “eeeevil”. I was quite impressed all along with how many of the reasons for his insanity and need to dominate have been clearly presented since his introduction. Of course, now that he’s no longer a Snow, much of that need has dwindled, but he likes what he likes. Now that the destruction of Theon Greyjoy has been so summarily completed, as abhorrent as it was to see Sansa raped by her lawful husband — a man of recently assumed “nobility and lineage” (remember her girlish fascination with knights and the trappings of royalty?) — it served to set her down to a point where she will need to learn that NOONE can be trusted (especially Baelish) and that all power flows out of her own hands. This is not the first rape in this series, and it is also revealing how women — even royal women — are chattel in the world of ASoIF. Brutality is the only thing left that is absolute. I am confidant that we will see the woman Sansa will become grow out of this humiliation and violence. Especially since one of the Stark children needs to avenge everything and Arya’s never going to find her way back to Westeros…

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