Episode 7 Review – The Idiot Plots

Posted: May 25, 2015 in ANGERNALYSIS

by IceWindHail


In light of some … blessedly peculiar plot turns. I thought I would think over some of what is happening on the show and start up a discussion.

What is an idiot plot? Basically it’s a plot that would not happen or would be resolved quickly and easily if people acted with any common sense or basic intelligence. You can see here for TvTropes full definition.

Here is my list of the idiot plots in this episode:

  • Sansa continues to have no good reason why she went to Winterfell and volunteered to be taken prisoner by a ruthless evil ruler (again!). Given that her plan this episode was to light the candle, it makes me wonder why she hadn’t already tried that or even just outright told the old woman in person when she first met her.
  • Olenna being the cunning old woman she is, decided to admit her grandson is guilty. Wait did I say cunning, I meant senile. At least she doesn’t give up, and then tries bribing and threatening the High Sparrow in his own church fort. For his part he mutters about the power of the many, but doesn’t have her arrested. Maybe he know’s better than to piss off a powerful great house before building his own power, oh wait, too late.
  • The High Sparrow decides to make his play against Cersei . Why does he do it now when there was no guarantee Cersei would EVER come back to his church fort? Why not earlier when he knew for sure she would attend? Stupidity, and also they didn’t want to cram too much into one scene. Oh, and he does this while also remaining an enemy to the Tyrells. Well then, I don’t see how this could end badly for him.
  • Cersei is a big dope for trusting the faith given that Lancel, a big f*cking loose thread from her past misdeeds, has turned over a new leaf and is one of theirs now. He pretty much went to her and said to her face that he confessed to all of the sins he and her did.
  • Myrcella Baratheon is supposed to be the clever child of the three royal Lannisters. Here she pretty much tells off her family, when her family is her main source of power and protection in this medieval world. Then to top it off she acts like she sees no reason why the legitimately angry Martells might be a problem for her. It’s not that they’re going to necessarily hurt you right now Myrcella, but they’re not going to let you just leave and do whatever you like. Yes they’re trying to woo you, but you’re basically a political hostage.
  • The fighting slave owner wants to bring slave fighters to Mereen. You’d think given that he knows that the pits are open that he might know the big part about NO SLAVES. He’s coincidently just stupid enough to bring the plot important characters where they need to.
  • The Sand Snakes poisoned Bronn…to make him compliment them?
  • Bonus Pointless Plot: Tyrion is chained up. Why? Is he that dangerous compared to all the other fighters who are unchained? It was an unnecessary complication to add more tension.
  • Bonus Dangerous Plot: Jon, you brave son of a b*tch. I get that you’re trying to build a bridge with Alliser Thorne and pacifying his supporters. It’s a great move, but also dangerous and bold move to trust him with so much power. Bonus hero and leadership points for taking Alliser’s criticism with confidence without retaliating.


  1. BUM says:

    Season 5 varies between unnecessary shock and can I now take a nap? I was preparing for the Bronn death, but God, was that stupid or what? If D and D want us to hate the Sand Sands for their deeds by killing a beloved character, I’m sure they reached a few, but most of us hate them because their acting sucks and we want Arianne and more scenes with Prince Doran.

    The Sam stuff might have been compelling if it hadn’t taken place at the Nights Watch where it actually showed that Jon is not a good commander as his men are fighting each other, plus we had another potential rape scene to deal with. And Aemon’s death was just disrespectful to a great character–nothing new there, but it felt like they had to get it over with. Another reason the books have been better with these big moments.

    I shall refrain.

  2. ServantOnIce says:

    Some of those things are book material and if you are going to complain about them, then you need to complain to GRRM

    1. Cersei getting played by the High Sparrow, good it was in the books, she even had three female Septas toss her in the lock room.

    2. Lancel being a snitch, makes sense on the, a cleaner story than in the books. Since there was no stupid Kettleblack who went to the High Sparrow and aroused the Sparrow’s curiosity with his easy confession.

    3. I like the fact that Dave and Dan are taking the quick route in Mereen. Dany is still pissed at Jorah, and Tyrion was a mighty introduction.

    4. The Winterfell plot line, I love Iwan Rheon’s acting and everyone is acting well, it is just stinky. I wish Theon would have put the candle up but he didn’t, he is too broken name, which will make his change even more mariculous . . . if he even has one.

    5. Dorne . . a disaster . . you are right on the money there. The Sand Worms are bad, yes the Sand Snakes are not major or even Secondary characters according to Elio and Linda who heard it from GRRM, so they are not important to the overall story . . maybe Arienne isn’t either . . just the Jaime and and Myrcella scene was bad . . .

    Overall this is a bad season . . . but I will say this, books 4 and 5 are the worst books in the series, and the material isn’t good . . Dave and Dan are stuck trying to spin feces into gold . . and have failed, hopefully they do better next season and give me the, “Achilles” moment that Benioff got so right in the movie Troy.

  3. ServantOnIce says:

    The Scene with The Queen of Thorns and The High Sparrow was Brilliant . . .brilliant . . best of the season.

  4. elizajayeg says:

    Tyrion being chained up is basically his entire life on this show. I’m pretty sure 50% of the time we see him he’s in chains, in prison or both. I think it’s supposed to send some sort of message of how he doesn’t need to use his arms to fight because he fights with his tongue. Because we’re too stupid to understand that without symbolism and metaphors, apparently.

    The Bronn scene was ridiculous. This show has a history of unnecessary nudity, but this one had to be the worst. I swear, someone in the writer’s room was like, “Wait, we’re 40 minutes into an episode and there ARE NO BOOBS. How do we fix that?”

  5. BUM says:

    The last two books lack the coherence of the first three, but they aren’t bad books IMHO. They are asked to do a lot:
    1. Bring us into Dorne.
    2. Show the big differences between Doran and Oberlyn
    3. Ilustrate the Iron Born culture fully–some readers don’t warm to that one immediately.
    4. Experiment with the Cersei POV, and I don’t like her character, even with the POV.
    5. Get Jaime away from Cersei.
    6. Somehow bridge Westeros with everyone else.
    7. Go deeper into the sellsword groups.
    8. Go deeper into the Red God.
    9. Show the war as real to the small folk, not highborn.
    10. Get us more involved into the Targaryen backstory around Robert.
    11. Actually give us a perspective of Dany that isn’t from Dany (Quentyn)

    These books have more background material than most readers wanted after the ride the first 3 provided. I think many readers would be thinking higher of them if The Winds of Winter had come out sooner, where much that is provided in books 4 and 5 is made more clear.

    The series isn’t sucking because of the book material, but because they are ignoring it. I don’t see any improvement. They aren’t bad in showing Ramsay’s depravity, they are doing justice to Stannis, and they have shown great restraint with Ayra. However, their departures are not improvements–they had a chance to show a great mystery when Jorah and Tyrion went through the Doom of Valaryia, but it was a rain forest, not akin to Mordor, and I won’t start with the Stone Men. They had a chance to make some of their departures interesting, but failed.

    I agree that I enjoyed the scenes with Q of Thornes and the High Sparrow. In fact, the High Sparrow may be the season’s one redeeming facet as in my mind he IS the High Sparrow.

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