Fmr Show Watcher Converts to Book Lover

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

by @_BreenIsla

There’s people who say that if you don’t start to watch or read something since its very first start, you could never be a real fan. I don’t think so.

I see myself as an ASOIAF fan now, but not always knew the tv show was based on books. I started just like many other people, brought by the tv series.


Two years ago a friend recommended me a tv show that she was watching and I saw the three first episodes of Game of Trones to see what was it about and I just loved it. I saw the first season complete and I’ll say that the show got me at first when I saw it had two of the skills I love to watch on tv: a lot of important characters with diverse and interesting personalities and a plot different from what we always watch on tv. I ended up falling in love when I saw all the plot twists and the way every character’s storyline change completely without loosing sense with every important event

I had seen the first and second season (at that time, the third season was on tv) when I knew that it was based on books. That was when I started reading. Obviously, I could notice changes between the books and the show, but they were pretty small and sometimes understandable. I knew it was impossible to be exactly the same. By that moment, I didn’t have much free time because of college. So, as the adaptation seemed pretty close to the things I had read in the first book I put off the reading and watched it on the tv.

I didn’t know the mistake I was making until I followed @AngryGoTFan on twitter.

I have to say that, at first, I thought he was only one of those book fans that get angry if every single detail is not on the screen. But he was complaining about some missed scenes AND changed scenes. I was like wait, what? All his comments about how the tv was not only changing or omitting some parts of the plot, but also CREATING a completely different one made me realize that what I was watching on TV, innocently believing it was a little modified version of A Song of Ice and Fire, had become something completely different from what the books might say.At that time I decided that I didn’t just want to make time to read, I NEEDED the time to read.

I love reading, and as any reader does, I knew that books always have more details that shows/films avoid because of money or time issues. I have said it before. It is even understandable sometimes. But realizing that Game of Thrones was going far away from the ASOIAF actual plot was frustrating.

Many movies nowadays come from books, I have read and seen some ones and I can say that besides some changes, the plot was the same. I couldn’t imagine why a movie based on books would not use the books as a base of what they were doing. It’s an extremely basic example, but I have read Harry Potter and watched the movies. Yes, the movies obviously do not have every detail that the books have. Some were omitted because they were secondary storylines, soe because it would have been impossible to plasmate in a screen. Anyway, the story was the same, Harry Potter was the same character, with the same personality. Probably Harry making out with Hermione and then fighting Ron for it would have been funny or interesting or whatever, but that would have felt out of context because their personalities didn’t fit with that actitudes. It’s a stupid example, but is a simple way to explain what the tv is doing.

I feel betrayed. It’s an extreme way to think about it, I know. But the Game of Thrones presentation says “based on A Song Of Ice and Fire series” and I’m sure many people like me, who didn’t have the time or didn’t want to read are watching GoT believing that this was GRRM original idea. I’m a tolerant person, I can understand if they have to delete a secondary character because of money or because his/her storyline would have not made a difference. But changing the main character’s plots AND personalities? That’s awful. I mean, if you wanted to make a show where a character like Ramsay rapes one like Sansa, FINE, do it. Change their names and put them in your own show, some other show that is not based on a book where those characters DO NOT DO THAT. It’s a lie. These people are making watchers believe that GRRM was a man with a great idea, made a few books, run out of imagination (or became insane) and kept writing though it stopped making sense.

As a final comment and this is just my opinion I’d like to say that all this modifications are supposed to be made to “captivate” the tv watchers but I have the feeling that the more the plot goes away from the books, the less interesting the story is.

  1. BUM says:

    You are a true fan, as that is the one word we have in common: BETRAYED.

  2. primalsplit says:

    D&D are self entitled charlatans. If you want to write your own story, it is fine. Go and do it. It can be criticised seperately. If you want to make an adaptation, stick to the source material.

  3. jennyofoldstones says:

    This is a really good rundown of what’s going on re: ASOIAF vs GOT (show). It’s been frustrating for many of us book lovers for years so I gave up and regard the show now as a separate entity, written by people with far inferior storytelling ability than Mr. GRR Martin.

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