Ep 9 Review – the Dunce of the Dragons

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Dorne – Let’s start off with the sour and get to the sweet, shall we? Meandering plot. Wonky dialogue. What exactly is the point of all this? Even for a show apologist or a book burner this piece of the puzzle is puzzling. No one is sure what is going on but we are sure we are not liking it. Oh, I suppose the acting was done well enough, I’ll grant you that.


Especially Alexander Siddig. But his big role was like, 5 minutes of screentime? Amazing actor – though his personal website needs some work. SidCity.net? Sounds like an old Shareware game, lol. Anyway, if there is something “big’ going to happen in Dorne it should have happened already, and if its now, its going to come out of nowhere and likely won’t be any good, if this week’s slapstick comedy or limp tension is any indication. The Ellaria / Doran scene would have been a perfect moment for his “fire and blood” speech, but instead we got weeping and kneeling and “bow to Zod” awkwardness.  GOT509_120114_HS_DSC_674811-630x419

The Wall – Workmanlike, serviceable. It all felt like an afterthought, however. Jon didn’t even mention the massive battle he was in last week. To anyone. They’re just sort of walking, then stop walking, then walk through the Wall’s newly-installed garage door. Not much of note happens here, but I think the scene book readers are waiting for will happen next week. If that was foreshadowed last night or throughout the season I missed it. Probably because of the Wall’s own plot has been all over the place this season. Still, I hope I know what’s coming (“For the Watch”) and I hope its done well.


Meereen – Unusually, the offerings from Dany this week were more than up to par. Almost sublime, actually. Only nitpick I have is how Dany and her dragons have become almost cartoonish. Did she throw up her hands and break into song and summon Drogon from the clouds like a Disney princess? Not quite, but for a show as serious as GoT she might as well have. And the goo-goo eyes Drogon gives mum? Ugh. Why was he so small? He’s supposed to fill up the entire arena and she has to whip him into submission, but now he’s the size of a large horse. Would have been a great scene for Emelia, who has shown her best performances in having to discipline her brood, but alas, it is not to be. But other than that, there was a brace of satisfying action, dialogue, and intensity to Mereen.


Braavos – Mace’s cringe-worthy singing aside, Game of Thrones manages to make us numb to horror. Why is Mace so happy and jolly anyway? Aren’t both his heir and only daughter in jail and potentially being executed? Details, details. Meryn Trant, if audiences remember who that is, is even less endeared to us now. The fact that he’s been so glossed over makes Arya stalking him a pointless exercise, and robs show watchers of her coming of age in the Faceless Men that we so enjoyed in the books. The subtlety of how she slew her first target, her becoming an acolyte and her first apprenticeship? Not this week. And I am not sure what we got in return, but it sure ain’t worth it.


Stannis – I’m really confused. On the one hand, Shireen is at Castle Black at this point in the story in the books, not on the march with Stannis. But apparently Benioff is claiming GRRM is going to have the Mannis burn her in the books.That seems nonsensical for a bevy of reasons. Be that is it may, last week Ramsay’s casual, “I need 20 good men” and its results this week didn’t quite amp up the intensity enough to warrant this kind of reaction in my opinion.

In the books, Stannis’s men are down to eating horses, ice fish, and one another, and not a man or woman or child has been burned yet. Book Stannis would not have burned his only heir, before the battle of Winterfell begins, he names her his heir.

But in regards to the show, the main thing I didn’t like about it was Davos knowing what was going to happen and doing nothing. Yes, it would have been quite a feat to smuggle out the princess, but the best he could do was a kiss and a toy. Cmon now, this is DAVOS! He saved Gendry, and he barely knew Gendry. He’s been with Shireen practically since she was born and their relationship has been hit on so much this season. I was truly expecting him to show up and try to rescue her. That’s the Davos I know. Heck, it’s even the Davos I know in the show! Show Davos has actually been done very well, up until now.


As far as the burning, I don’t think a television show has made me feel so strongly an emotion ever. There’s something primal in the danger of a child, something I often feel as a father myself when I read, see, or hear something about a child’s life in danger. It’s a device used in the books far too often in my liking, but that’s war to this day. Difficult to watch, but it’s not without precedence on the show. For the temerity to “go there” the burning scene is not something I enjoyed but it was good television.

  1. jenni4955 says:

    Good point that I had overlooked because of all the stupidity and plot changes clouding my mind – Davos KNEW damn well what was going to happen yet did NOTHING and yet he saved Gendry. Wow, Davos, when you put Gendry on that rowboat you hadn’t thought it through, had you? This was ALL YOUR FAULT.

    Has the show even brought out the fact that Mel gets everything wrong? That she habitually misinterprets all her visions? And that she was wrong about this one too because Stannis is no PWP, so Shireen got burned for NOTHING? I don’t think they have, but then this is latter day GOT where there is NO PLOT, everything GETS CHANGED and NOTHING MAKES SENSE.

  2. Gill P63 says:

    I give up on this show, they have no idea about any of the characters and are ruining the storylines. I think I’ll just read the books again and wait for ‘The Winds of Winter’ to come out!

  3. Bunny says:

    The burning of Shireen really felt unearned here. I’m not convinced it’s going to happen in the books (and if I were GRRM I’d be asking my publisher to have a quiet word or two with D&D about just how much their willing to spoil of as-yet unpublished novels!).

    But regardless, in the show, it just does not pack the punch they clearly wanted it to. My other half is Unsullied, while I’ve read them all, and it was really telling for me how badly this has been handled when he turned to me and asked “so what, why are they burning her? Do they just like burning people or something? Wasn’t he supposed to like her?”. It’s been so long since we’ve been shown any actual magic by Mellisandre that he’d forgotten the burning of people had any kind of purpose beyond just being a gross way to execute people.

    Because in the books, Stannis is in a desperate place. It’s bitterly, deathly cold. They’re snowed in and blind. His men have eaten their horses, and are starting to turn to cannibalism as more and more of them starve or freeze to death. (And he STILL doesn’t let anyone start burning people, but let’s just forget that for a moment and go with it). The point is, you can understand why, in such a desperate situation, Stannis might be convinced to sacrifice *someone* to the red god. Not Shireen still, but someone.

    In the show, it really hasn’t been communicated to the viewer what’s going on. There’s no real clarity to how desperate things are, so it just sort of looks like Stannis has one or two moderately-sized setbacks and leaps straight to “Wellp! Guess I better get a-burning my sole heir who I risked life and limb to save from her illness when she was a baby!”

    Also, Stannis has had barely any characterisation that shows him bonding with or showing any love towards Shireen. Oh, we had that speech a couple of episodes ago. But aside from that, it’s pretty much shown that she spends her life locked in her room alone with books while her mother bullies her and her father ignores her, so it doesn’t feel like Stannis is really burning someone he actually *cares about* here.

    The Shireen burning is shocking only because it’s the death of a child. And we’re talking about a show that has killed a lot of kids already.

  4. Bill says:

    How does Davos know? I don’t remember Stannis telling him.

  5. kev says:

    stannis decides to tell shireen how hard he worked to save her from dying from greyscale …he got the best healers the realm knows …then suddenly has a change of heart and burns his only heir to the throne he hopes to win …..in front of everyone ……im sure that will be a popular decision in a land that doesnt take to the red priestess religion …….*sigh*

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