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Arya starts out blind and on the outs with Jaqen (or the bloke with Jaqen’s face anyways). She eventually is given a chance to redeem herself by taking out some rich GUY who’s going to attend a play. So she ingratiates herself with this group of actors, who end up doing a whole bit on the War of the Five Kings. Only thing is, they make the Lannisters out to be heroes, and the Starks to be villains. History really is written by the winners.

Ultimately she decides to return to Westeros (after regaining her sight) to right some wrongs, but Jaqen is none too happy about it. She is forced to escape after being chased by and fighting the Waif (Jaqen or whoever with the Waif’s face). She ends up killing her. Her last scene, in the finale has her getting off of a cart at the Inn she killed Polliver in Season 4. She goes in and orders a drink, then overhears some men talking about Walder Frey having a wedding.


– Dany is taken to Vaes Dothrak and is about to be treated as a slave until she reveals who she is, Drogon comes to the rescue (deus ex dragona) and they all bow to her. Meanwhile Varys and Tyrion deal with the rise of the Harpies in Meereen, and it’s not going all that well. There’s a couple boring scenes with Grey Worm and Messendei. Varys leaves in Episode 3 and tells Tyrion he has something to attend to in Westeros.

Daario and Jorah find Danny’s ring and track her to the Dothraki (Ep. 3 &4). After a long confrontation between Daario/Jorah and Quotho, the Dothraki decide to follow their new Khaleesi to Meereen. Dany is still iffy about Jorah, and tells him if he slips up at all she’ll banish him again. His greyscale is getting worse and he now has to cover up his hand. Daario notices.

Once back in Mereen (Ep. 6), Dany locks Drogon up with Viscerion and Rheagal. Daario says it’s for the best, though Tyrion thinks they might come in handy. Daario later confronts Jorah about the Greyscale and tells him he needs to leave before he endangers Dany, and he threatens to tell her if he doesn’t. Jorah has a talk with Tyrion (who overhears) and then he decides to go. Dany imposes a curfew until the bloodshed stops, which Grey Worm will enforce with his dwindling Unsullied.

In Ep. 7 Danny calls together a meeting between the former masters and representatives chosen by the former slaves in order to root out the Harpy. However (and this is towards the last three episodes now) Daario unleashes the Second Sons on them all. Grey Worm is powerless to stop them (yes he dies) as the Unsullied are now too few. Daario reveals himself as the leader of the Harpys, takes Dany and Missendei captive, then declares himself King of Meereen.

Tyrion manages to escape and track down Jorah among the Dothraki encampment outside of Mereen, and he tells him he has to release the dragons. Tyrion does so as Jorah unites the Dothraki to storm the Great Pyramid. All three dragons descend on the Second Sons/Sons of the Harpy, Jorah kills Daario, and when it’s over Dany actually hugs Jorah. He tells her about the greyscale but she allows him to stay by her side.

The last scene in the finale is Danny telling Jorah, Tyrion, and Messendei that she will order the Dothraki onto boats and they will be going home. This is brought on by an unexpected visitor


– Dorne has only three scenes this season. The first is Trystane (Ep. 3) confronting his father (apparently he gets sent back to Dorne) and asking him to execute Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. Doran says he should, but it’s complicated. He then explains that Trystane must do something more important. We then see the Sand Snakes and Ellaria in prison together being guarded by Areo Hotah. Ellaria thinks they are going to be executed, but Obara says there’s no way Doran would do it.

In Ep. 6 we see Doran free Ellaria and bring him to his chambers, then he explains to her his plan to support Daenerys to take back the Iron Throne for the House Targaryen. He says he has sent Trystane to Meereen. Ellaria is then banished. She asks about the Sand Snakes, and Doran says they will get what they deserve.

In Ep. 10 the Sand Snakes fates are revealed to them, and Doran tells them they can prevent their execution if they go to Oldtown and complete some sort of mission.


– Sam arrives in Oldtown in Ep. 2 with Gilly. We see him meet the Archmaester, and he puts Gilly up in an inn with little Sam (no, I have no idea if they actually aged up the baby yet). Later he receives a letter asking him to find out everything he can about Valyrian Steel as fast as he can. He decides to go to Horn Hill (his family home) where his father has a Valyrian steel sword. We get a very awkward, and very entertaining family reunion half-way through the season. Ultimately he convinces his father to lend him the sword.

In the Ep. 8 he returns to Oldtown to find it has been sacked, the archmaester dead, and a book missing. We don’t see him in Ep. 9 or 10.


– The opening scene of the season (not a cold open unfortunately) is the Euron scene that was leaked a while back

In Ep. 3 we see Balon riding on a bridge in the Iron Island with Yara. He suddenly clutches his heart and falls off his horse. Yara meets with Aeron who tells her that “he” is coming.

Mid-way through the season we have the famed “Kingsmoot” where Euron arrives and becomes the new “King of Salt and Rock.” He swears to lead the Ironborn to greatness. He then says his first target will not be in the North, but will instead by Oldtown. Aeron tells Yara in secret to hunt down Theon and bring him back.

He raids Oldtown in Ep. 7 and makes off with a book in the crypts of the Maester’s guild, killing the Archmeaster we meet with Sam earlier.


– King’s Landing is insane this season. Cersei is out for vengeance, plotting with Qyburn in his lab. She has no political power now that Kevan has taken over, and he spends the season trying to maintain peace before the trials occur (which is surprisingly in the last few episodes they are really dragging things out now after going super fast last season and they are trying to stick to a pace closer to GRRM and the book realeases with TWOW coming out when Season 6 premieres). Mace Tyrell returns and gets scolded by Lady Olenna into calling in the troops. Jaimie returns with Myrcella’s body and out for Dornish blood, but Kevan directs him towards the Riverlands. Jaimie refuses at first, saying he needs to stay with Cersei and Tommen (though Cersei refuses to see him or Tommen). Halfway through the season Tommen convinces him to free Margaery, over Kevan’s objections, using some of the Tyrell troops. Turns out she’s a completely broken, converted woman. Tommen can’t seem to pull her out of her slump. Loras broods in his cell unfreed.

Jaimie finally meets with Cersei who basically breaks up with him for good, at which point he decides to go to the Riverlands (Ep. 7). Yes, Bronn goes with him and it’s the first he appears this season. There’s some really funny dialogue between them.

It gets really insane when the trials happen. Basically Olenna brings in Littlefinger’s gift, which was…Gendry Waters! He hasn’t been rowing this whole time after all. His testimony is that Cersei ordered the murder of Robert’s bastards because Joffrey (along with Myrcella and Tommen) are products of incest and not true royalty. They listen to Gendry talk about how the Lannister soldiers were sent for him and they believe his testimony. The High Sparrow agrees to release Loras, and the Tyrell’s get out of dodge with all of their men (or so it seems).

In the finale it really goes down. The Sparrows storm the Red Keep to arrest Tommen and Cersei. The Lannister guards are barely able to hold them off. Tommen, now that Margaery has left, goes all emo and hands himself over to the Sparrows to stop the fighting. Cersei loses her crap and orders FrankenGregor to kill them all. Kevan goes off in search of Pycelle in order to call Jaimie back to the capital.

Tommen is killed in the chaos, as is Lancel. FrankenGregor walks up to the High Sparrow who says something about the gods protecting him… so the Mountain lifts him up with one hand around his throat, yells “I’LL SEND YOU TO YOUR GODS THEN!!!” then body slams him into the stone pavement.

With the Red Keep burning, Cersei picks up Tommen’s dead body and walks to the throne room. She kneels before the Iron Throne crying over Tommen, until someone walks up behind her. It’s Loras, who stabs her in the back slowly, sees her drop to the floor, then backs away out of the throne room eyeing the Iron Throne.

The last scene is Kevan walking in on a dead Pycelle. He turns around to see Varys who tells him “The Queen is Coming” and then shoots him dead with a crossbow. There’s apparently going to be a final shot of snow falling on a burning Red Keep.

– There’s not a whole lot in the Riverlands until the last few episodes, but we do see Walder Frey sending people out in search for a new young bride. Black Walder (his son who he sends to search) is captured by some outlaws who tell Black Walder they have the perfect bride for his father. Plus we see Edmure in the dungeon trying to get a message to his uncle (The Blackfish). The outlaw band is like the Brotherhood without Banners but are instead exploiting people instead of being Robin Hood types. They have a brief run in with what I believe to be McShane’s character (an old priest of the seven) who has a hooded friend/bodygaurd who doesn’t talk. He has a stand-off with the gang, who are trying to rob some travellers in Ep. 6, and and his hooded friend kills them all.

When Jaimie and Bronn arrive (Ep. 8) they meet with Walder Frey and tell him they’ll find The Blackfish (who has apparently been trying to foment rebellion), and we also find out that Walder has found his bride and is getting married.

The end of Ep. 8 is Black Walder being brought before Thoros of Myr. He asks to talk to Beric, to see if they can reach an understanding. Thoros says Beric is dead (this time for good), then turns to a robed figure. Thoros says: “She can’t talk, however. But she remembers.”

In the finale they are riding and run into the priest (McShane more than likely) and his hooded friend. They have a bit of a confrontation, until the hooded friend pulls back his hood to reveal that he’s the Hound. McShane’s character says they are on their way to Walder Frey’s wedding.

The final scene in the finale for the Riverlands is Walder being wed to his new bride, and telling the priest to get on with it. Suddenly the room goes dark and the doors open. It’s Thoros of Myr and the Brotherhood. Walder threatens to have him hanged. Thoros explains how Beric died to to “bring her back” and that the “time for repaid debts” is now. Lady Stoneheart (a re-animated Catelyn Stark) enters. She throws the severed head of Black Walder at Walder Frey’s feet. The aftermath is not in the script, unfortunately.


First off Sansa and Theon are found by Brienne and Podrick who are subsequently hunted down by Bolton guards in Ep. 3. Brienne manages to kill them all, but Podrick gets shot by an arrow. Brienne gets pretty emotional about his death before they have to get moving.
They make it to Last Hearth in Ep. 4 and they find Rickon and Osha there as well. It’s a pretty touching reunion. Smalljon Umber promises to keep her safe from the Boltons. He tells her, “The North Remembers, Lady Stark. The North Remembers, and the traitor’s reign is almost done.”

Meanwhile Roose and Ramsay plot against Littlefinger, who should have arrived in Winterfell but apparently is late. Roose worries he may have found out about Sansa’s absence, so Ramsay (assuming Sansa went to Castle Black) writes to the Lord Commander demanding her back or he will come up there with an army and take her himself.

As far as Castle Black is concerned, Melissandre indeed does her magic (which requires burning Olly) and brings Jon back (he’s back at the end of Ep. 3). Jon delivers swift justice to Alliser Thorne, just before receiving Ramsay’s letter. Melissandre tells him he can’t abandon the Wall, but he doesn’t listen and leaves with Tormund and the Wildlings to find Sansa. He puts Edd in temporary command. Mel and Davos go with him. There’s a scene just before they leave where Davos tells Melisandre that while they both must serve the Lord Commander for now, and one day he will take vengeance for what she did to Stannis and Shireen.

The middle part of the Season consists of Jon Snow gathering the Northern Lords, finding Sansa and Rickon safe with the Umbers, then rallying them (Karstarks, Umbers, Mormonts) against the Boltons. Smalljon declares Sansa Queen in the North. Melisandre voices her concern about the coming of Winter, and the need for unity. Jon agrees.

Yara shows up in Ep. 8 to take Theon back to the Iron Island, and he reluctantly agrees. Sansa has a nice parting moment with him.
Ep. 9 is a huge battle in the snow (takes up the whole episode) with the Northern armies and the Wildlings behind Sansa and Jon taking on the Boltons. Jon gets in a duel with Ramsay after Ramsay kills Tormund, but only injures him while he escapes. Apparently it’s blizzard-like conditions. Most of the Wildlings die in the fight, including Tormund and Wun-Wun. Reminded me a bit of when the elves died at Helm’s Deep in The Two Towers.

The battle ends when Littlefinger shows up suddenly with an army from the Vale (and Yohn Royce) to take the Boltons out entirely. Sansa orders Roose executed, which is carried out by Brienne.

The last full scene in the Finale is Jon, Sansa, Mel, Davos, the Northern Lords, and Littlefinger inside Winterfell arguing about what to do next (Rickon and Osha stay in the background). Jon and Mel say they should focus on the coming of the White Walkers, which Littlefinger balks at, telling Sansa she should ally herself with the Vale and free her uncle Edmure from Walder Frey. The Northern Lords and Yohn Royce agree. Davos speaks up only to defend Jon’s honor. They are ultimately undecided by the end.


The first flashback is of a young Ned, Robert, and Hodor play fighting with wooden swords. Robert is bragging about how he could kick anyone’s ass in a fight, then Ned disarms him. Robert is apparently angry at first, then they both laugh it off. Then Robert talks about how he’ll marry Lyanna (Ned’s sister). Hodor jests Robert about how she would probably rather be with Rheagar. Ned joins in until he sees Robert getting angry. Hodor (Walder at the moment) won’t stop teasing him until Robert whacks him in the head with his sword. Ned stops him from hurting Hodor any further, but the damage is done. Hodor can only say Hodor. Robert does seem apologetic, though.

In the second Lyanna and Rheagar share a secret kiss in Harrenhaal during a tournament. Lyanna is afraid someone will catch them, especially Robert. Rheagar threatens to kill for Lyanna if he has to. Lyanna tells him not to talk like that and walks away.

The last flashback is the Tower of Joy. Ned Stark and Howland Reed ride up to three Kingsgaurd, the main one of which is Arthur Dayne. They have an exchange about Rheagar’s loss on the Trident, and Ned wonders why they still guard his sister if the prince and princess are on their way to Essos. Dayne refuses to tell him why so they fight. Reed is injured, but Ned kills Dayne. Going up to the top room he finds a dying Lyanna holding a baby. She makes him promise not to tell Robert about it. He does so.

Walking towards Reed (who asks about the child) Ned tells him that he is his bastard, a Snow of the North, and no one will know otherwise. Reed swears to say nothing, but asks what Ned will name him. He responds: “Jon.”

There a brief final scene with the Three-Eyed Raven after the flashbacks where he tells Bran that now he must complete his task.


Euron returns to Pyke with the book and his Horn from the opening scene of the season. Theon is there with Yara and Aerion. They all try to argue about how Theon is the rightful heir and that Euron should step down, but Euron pretty much ignores them as he sits on the throne and opens the book, horn in hand.

He says something about how their “Salvation is at hand.” Then he blows the horn. It’s apparently really bloody loud.

We see Arya sitting in some brush look up while hearing it. Then Qyburn and the Mountain (overlooking dead Sparrows) look up hearing it. Sansa hears it from inside Winterfell. Davos and Melisandre hear it from atop Winterfell’s walls (Mel says something like “It’s time” which apparently freaks Davos out). Jon Snow hears it from where he’s standing in the snow, along with Littlefinger. Edd hears it at Castle Black and starts to see a crack form in the Wall… soon the entire thing comes crashing down.

The Night’s King rides forward on an undead horse, legions of wights behind him. He looks at Edd, lying injured on the ground. A Walker stabs him and he dies, but the Night’s King motions his hand and Edd stands back up on his feet.

Littlefinger asks Jon: “What was that?”

Jon turns to him, then back in the direction of the North and says: “Winter.”

  1. Tony Moore says:

    Ay mamá – another pathetic clusterf**k

  2. Blanca says:

    If Loras who was in a cell for being gay is freed because Tommen is confirmed as a bastard, then this is the same logic applied to the plot so far and this is the real plot for Season 6.
    In Season 7 the Hound becomes Azor Ahai, the trees start walking south, Walder Frey is outed as a renegade Whitewalker, and Olenna starts seeing the blood on her hands and kills herself in a high school production style Macbeth scene.

  3. JOSE says:

    So why did they have to rape Sansa? Couldn’t they just have brought her to the umbers? If Danny is slave, will she be rape? What a mess…lol

  4. redvidel says:

    LOL you just reposted a fake IMDb leak. In its original version, the author claimed there’s no Dorne subplot in s6. People pointed it out in the thread so the author made sure to correct his mistake.
    There will be no Robert in the Ned flashback as confirmed by WoTW.
    Quotho’s already dead. Was killed in season 1.
    And the bit about Mel and Olly comes from the confirmed to be fake summaries of the first 2 eps that made their rounds a few weeks ago.
    This is such a poorly thought-out attempt at fanfiction. Similar to the fake season 5 leaks back in the day. Somehow I feel this might be your work.

  5. FunkyZed says:

    your episode title listing has episode 1 as “Kingsmoot”, yet you mention the Kingsmoot happens in episode 5 here.

  6. Jane says:

    Why would sacrificing Olly be good enough to bring Jon back? This does t make sense. Best any of us hope for is that WOW hit the shelves before HBO has the first show scheduled

  7. what a load of crap says:

    true ; like spoilers on season 5 episodes 5-10 ….

  8. Anne Onie Moss says:

    …it’s plausible. And by plausible, I mean plausibly terrible. (Daenerys does basically nothing all season! LORAS kills CERSEI. Complete loss of all logic!) But Lady Stoneheart makes me think not.

    (Sansa as Queen in the North, however emptily, would be worth it for gifs tbh)

  9. ayylma0 says:

    lol nice fanfic you nerd

  10. tim says:

    FYI – This is from the 4chan post and it has been confirmed fake by three different sources from three different sites, none of them interacting with each other. So while some of it may happen because of good educated guesses, safe to say the bulk of the plot “leaks” will not happen and are fake.

    • ericisking says:

      it’s pretty clear that this is fake…..but in case you were still wondering, a MAJOR scene is now confirmed for Episode 9, which this ‘fanfic’ completely leaves out…..I won’t spoil it, but it involves the death of two well-known characters.

    • BUM says:

      Thank the Old Gods and the New that it is fake. Daario as the Harpy??? A boring Euron? Absolutely no mention of Stannis (well, this is the show and they hate Stannis.) Killing Pod? Doran with basically nothing to do–although the connection to Oldtown does make sense. Last season was so bad that this did become believable, even though it actually contracticts canon.

  11. […] to take over control on the Iron Islands in the Book 4 plot referred to as the Kingsmoot. But unconfirmed rumors indicate that Euron has a far bigger role to play in the war for […]

  12. happyTrail says:

    It was mildly entertaining. some computer guy did remote support on my computer and I had this window up. He wanted to know if this was real and I said no. After reading the whole thing it clearly isn’t real, but like I said entertaining all the same. Thanks

  13. How authentic is this? What are your sources?

  14. Jones kayo says:

    Every time Jon’s death is referred to the speakers seem to be careful to say “Jon Snow”. That’s the name of the boy..but what is the name of the man?

  15. Kieron Holt says:

    cleganebowl ? Is that what you mean by trail?

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