Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Description Leak

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Uncategorized


It opens on a still desert shot, something comes into frame, a spinning tie fighter, and crashes in front of the camera, parts of it on fire. Finn is panicked, same shot from first teaser only this time it circles all the way around to the burning tie before cutting out. Rey asks Finn if he’s one of them. “One of them?!” He says angrily as shots of the night attack and villagers dying at Kylo Ren’s hand are shown while Phasma coolly surveys the destruction (my favorite shot of the trailer besides the final one) during this time Finn goes on about how they murder innocent people all in an unquenchable thirst for power. “I’m nothing like them” he says, as the music swells and letters appear saying “This Christmas”

Han and Chewie sit in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and Han says “I sure missed this pal” to which Chewie roaringly agrees but strange fighters fire at them and Han says “Could do without this part though” to a temple structure then quick cut to Rey Han Chewie Finn and BB8 walking as the pirate aliens all eye them. One bothers Finn and he uses the blue lightsaber to lop his arm off. “I know that blade” says Han as the music grows serious. Female voiceover explains it was the blade of a great warrior lost in a duel in a city in the clouds while images of legions of stormtroopers mobilize on a snowy world and General Hux stands addressing them “Today, the galaxy will know the might of our FIrst Order!” The following are quick cut scenes not related to eachother TIes fly, Kylo Ren kneels, Phasma nods at Hux “Only the owner of this weapon can stop the darkness from spreading” says the female voiceover. Finn asks whose it was and in a blue lit room Han says “Luke” Text on black screen says “You will return” Rey in the forest looking up in fear “Don’t be afraid…” Says a voiceover, definitely Kylo as Rey turns to run and screams as Kylo comes out of the forest and seizes her with the force cut to panicked looking Finn addressing Leia in what looks like a control room “there were whispers of a planet, that wasn’t a planet, but a weapon” Rey suspended in dark room as Kylo Ren seen from behind “You don’t remember” Poe says that the only unaccounted coordinates he collected must be where the weapon is. “We’ll hit them with everything we’ve got” he says Text on screen reads “To a galaxy far far away..

Things get quick here. Various dogfights, crashing Star Destroyers, Finn deflecting lasers Han and Chewie ducking under a structure returning fire Hux screaming angrily Kylo Ren unmasked and emotionless, Rey smacking a guavian enforcer with her staff, BB-8 rolling fast as he can from scavengers on Jakku, An alien I think is Max Kanata in the same blue lit room, an Alien XWing pilot is engulfed in flames as his XWing explodes, Finn at the turret of the falcon struggling to hit Tie fighters, landers landing on Jakku, Phasma and Finn in a hangar, Poe sneaking around an imperial complex at night on Jakku, Walkers on the snow planet, a temple in the jungle crumbling under green laser fire, close up Chewie angrily roaring at night as snow flurries and finally the shot of Kylo igniting his blade and Finn responding by igniting his back. Black screen. “There’s been an awakening” Dark scene lots of red and purple lightsaber lit afar as something burns on the middle . A green one ignites up close and illuminates a hooded figure. “Have you felt it?” STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS



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