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Winter had come to Westeros. Dawn had a disconcerting chill in the air, and even though the snows had come for three days, the snow did not stick to the road yet. Still, she knew the omen and the bad tidings it brought.  For Sybell every chance breath seemed ominous. She knew the wroth of the Tywin would soon be upon her House following the death of King Robb in at the Twins. She had to do everything as possible to help her children, though her eldest daughter Jeyne had not seemed grateful.  Sybell’s own lady mother had taught her to be cautious against evil omens, and how to act against them.

She had taught her to make recipes, and even the blood magics to prevent evil, but it did not work.  I had to climb out of that pit, I had to remove my own parents, that was the way. I had to clean the blood, she thought.  She was not older than a little girl of two and ten when the rich and cultured people of Lannisport’s people had turned on her grandmother. Without highborn parents, of her own Sybell had been left to her own devices. In the end it was not clean, nor had it even been intended thus. Her mother had taught her the very secrets she had used to overtake her in knowledge, and in life.

Never trust a Lannister , her mother told her once. Tywin promised power and gold, and instead he gave her a bastard and a cursed title to their children. She did not deserve this, her children did not deserve this. She would make better for her children, to not only have the poor surname Westerling.

It was growing warmer as the sun began to rise, and like ever, Jeyne began to weap her fat tears. Sybell had grown accustomed to the whining of her sweet girl over the many mies, but not to Edmure Tully. Lord Edmure was with them constantly, a fellow hostage of the Kingslayer. Lord Edmure barely spoke and made all the way in silence. Was he even still a Lord? she asked herself. The sight of Jeyne’s daily tears disgusted him. Sybell was not quick to make words with the fallen Lord of the Riverlands.

Even when their company had reached Golden Tooth, Jeyne did not smile nor a little;,she only touched her forehead to a crown that never appeared.  The castle itself was resplendent, its walls an immaculate white with gold trims, common in the keeps and towers of the Westerlands. Within it, several fountains and decorations surely would have ornaments of gold, as it was not far from the mines of the Rock.

Despite the war, Lady Lefford would not go hungry. She was a woman in her thirties, and her red and yellow dress looked like it would burst. She had a huge forehead with bushy black eyebrows that made it easy to read her face. She greeted them with a cold stare.  The rooms that Jeyne and Sybell had been given were according their station, their apartments were all of marble and they had waiting girls who accompanied them everywhere. The room had a large balcony to see the craggy mountains of the Westernlands, offering beautiful views.

“Lady Sybell, Lady Lefford has sent for you,” a servant called when Sybell was still resting from the long journey.

Will the gods will haunt me every moment of my life?  She thought.  Sybell waved to the girl, then bathed of the journey’s dust and put on a dress with the distinctive blue sea shell necklace of the Westerling sigil. Sybell looked at her daughter, who was sleeping with drowned tears on her cheeks and left the room.

In the main room were Lady Alysanne and Ser Forley Prester, and was Lord Edmure too, who had a solemn face and looked uncomfortable and angry. Sybell came in with decisive steps and out-louded; they had to know she was there.

“I understood you wanted my presence” Lady Sybell looked at Lady Lefford.

“You understood well, my lady. We have to tell you that you must take to the road and go to Casterly Rock.”

Lady Alysanne looked at her with indifference, as if she were one of the many white marble statues that has the castle. “You and your child will not be able to return to The Crag. You will stay as hostages in Casterly Rock on the order of Kevan Lannister, Lord Regent of the Realm.”

Sybell felt her anger rising.  All for nothing.  “I will not accept. Jaime Lannister himself promised me…”

“It doesn’t matter what Jaime Lannister promised, the Kingsguard does not speak with the authority of the king, and does his uncle.”

Lady Sybell looked at her with fire in her eyes.

Lady Alysanne continued, “Now that the Queen is in the dungeons by her accusations, every task that the queen commanded has been rescinded.”

“We all have suffered losses and broken promises.” Lord Edmure said. “Don’t make things worse, other people have worse mishaps than yours.”

Sybell could not hold herself. “I was promised with good marriages and a good life for my children!” Sybell shouted to Lady Alysanne, watching her cold and sullen eyes. “ALL FOR NOTHING!”

“Please Ser Forley, lead Lady Sybelle to her chambers, she must be weary from the long journey,” Lady Lefford said curtly.

“Come Lady Sybell. We have come a long way, you should sleep,” Ser Forley delicately picked up her arm, but she twisted so much that she gave him a strike.

When Sybell returned to her room, Jeyne was not there.  I must go and to get her, she could be lost and always finds trouble. She sent the waiting girls to go and look for Jeyne.

Sybell changed her clothes and went to sleep. She had not slept for days. At night, Sybell heard noises in the room. It was dark, and quiet. A empty silence reigned over the chamber. There were no stars in the sky and she could only see the relief of the mountains. She heard a door opening slowly, and a few awkward steps trying to be stealthy. She saw a thin, lithe shade.

Sybell lit her candle and saw her daughter trying to open the balcony door.

“Jeyne, why are you awake at this hour? Where have you been”

But her daughter did not answer and opened the door and began to walk out quickly.  Sybell left her bed furious at this disobedience and went out to the balcony.

It was very cold and the night was dark as pitch. Jeyne was above the marble balcony decorated with golden lions. Also she saw Edmure Tully, who was in a dark cloak and had a long rope around him, he was tying the rope onto Jeyne’s waist.

“Jeyne! Jeyne! Do not do it. Not in your condition! DO NOT DO IT!” shouted Sybell.

Though Jeyne was already climbing down.  Sybell went to the balcony and grabbed the rope down to get Jeyne back, who was about to touch the ground. Sybell felt herself being pulled, and she began to move down too.

Suddenly, Sybell saw a light at the top of the tower. She looked down, but Edmure and Jeyne were already gone.  They told me nothing. Am I to be a patsy to their willfulness? Before she could think of anything else, she felt the twin arrows pierce her shoulder and chest, and she fell from the tower. Each heartbeat brought her closer to the ground, but Sybelle could only remember her grandmother Maggy smiling.





















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