HBO Releases 4 Promo Posters for Season 6

Posted: November 24, 2015 in ANGERNEWS, Uncategorized

Winter is coming and HBO knows. It’s time to start promoting Season 6.

As we have seen, this season will be a very present main storyline: The North. We have seen posters and statements of Rux Dardiror , twitter-known illustrator, hired by the HBO after the disastrous level 1 fanmade poster photoshop Tyrion last year.



Finally the return of Catelyn Stark as Lady Stoneheart. It has taken two seasons. Or three? No longer they are adapting the books directly. Stannis still alive as well, likely returned by his red priestess Melisandre. Finally, Rickon Stark makes a return.

From what Westeros Today learned through their network of informants, the posters depict an alliance between the four characters against the evil of House Bolton. There is only one goal: to rescue Winterfell and retake the North.

And this is all the information we’ve had to date, adding a twist. Although this season is shaping up to be anything but expected. The American chain HBO did not respond to inquiries for this report.


  1. Book Reader says:

    Nicely done!

  2. chr5399 says:

    Still not sure if I believe these are real..

  3. Hoping for a Better Season says:

    Stannis should be alive, and so should Shireen, but why bother mentioning it. I too, wonder if these are fake. GRRM has always wanted Lady Stoneheart in the show, but D and D didn’t want her, so there it was. Despite the Emmy win, the season sucked and maybe they realized they won the Emmy for the other seasons when the show was better. So GRRM goes back to finish Winds and they decide to listen to His Grace before the whole show gets taken by the Others.

    I heard that Stephen Dillane is not coming back, so I wondered if the Stannis poster is a tease. Lady Stoneheart should be in the show, as should RIckon, but I worry that with RIckon, we will get more fan fiction as we can only speculate on canon at this point, but Rickon should be a figure of reckoning for the North to return.

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