Season 6 News From N Ireland SPOILERS

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

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Shooting and new players from Northern Ireland

Smalljon-281x400_opt We do not have such a hectic, but filming Game of Thrones continues, focused only on Northern Ireland. From there we bring you a variety of information, including a new cast member.

Finally we know the actor who plays the Little Jon Umber. This is Dean S. Jagger .

Daniel S. Jagger is not well known British actor, to be fair. But we trust the team’s talent casting Emmy winner for that task Nina Gold, whose work so far has been remarkable. You can follow the good Dean in his Twitter account deanjagger , although it is not too active in the social network.

Little Jon Umber was described according to the official casting announcement as

This is a wild warrior lord and who runs a house known far north. Almost it looks like a bear than a man with long beard, temperament and hatred in their veins, becoming violent. It appears in two episodes.

And now come the spoilers tuned.


wall-2 First, from the Seven Kingdoms we learned exclusively that these last days is being shot in the same area in three different sets: the Bran and Cave three-eyed crow, the the set of the White Walkers and the Black Castle.

No big scenes in the plot of Bran and the White Walkers, and I talked in detail and only emphasize that is very active. But it is important that this time the set of Black Castle is less busy than usual. Not too many major players in him and Kit Harington (Jon) is not there if there was any doubt, Jon is not now Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is but another member of the order which holds that honor. It is a character known for several seasons.



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