What Will Happen to Jon Snow in Season 6? SPOILERS

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A character’s head round all fans of Game of Thrones since the end of the fifth season. Jon Snow His tragic end in the last chapter left everyone shocked. And this time, no spoilers readers could not ask readers, as the last chapter of Jon in books also ended with the bastard being stabbed (Dance with Dragons, has time).

As if that were not enough, the HBO primed matters further Jon Snow with its teaser poster for the sixth season (yesterday) . However, this year there have been more leaks than ever during filming and we have discovered very juicy details. If you have no fear of spoilers, then we will review what we know about Jon in the sixth season.


For starters, yes, Jon died in the last chapter of the last. As if he had no doubts after being repeatedly stabbed, the official guide HBO confirms: Jon was killed by his own men of the Guard, including Alliser Thorne and Olly.

melisandre Thoros beric The next and crucial. Jon will return will resurrect.

How? We are certain that it has been via Melisandre. By pure logic it is very simple: the red priestess is on the wall, as the body of Jon. In a scene invented and away series in the books, in the third season of Mel Thoros Myr asked about the kiss of fire able to raise his partner and R’hllor priest.

Beyond logic, we have data that support our hypothesis:

  • First point: Caricen van Houten (Melisandre) has had this year very little activity on the set, but all of her scenes were in Belfast Indoor scenes with no extras and wrapped in much secrecy We have no doubt that bring back Jon will be.. one of them.
  • Second: In fact, we give details. Apparently Ghost, the direwolf Jon, would be somehow involved in the process of resurrection. We received the information that the special effects team is using his stick and CGI d more than in previous years.
  • Third: Another element that points to the resurrection of Jon are the scenes shot in the Castle Zafra, ie, the Tower of Joy From hand. Bran and three-eyed crow discover his secret: Lyanna Stark is the mother Jon ( theory ). To reach her, Ned Stark and other northerners will have to overcome in a spectacular duel to the Royal Guards who guard the Tower.

The scene between Lyanna and Ned inside the tower, according to our information, has also been recorded. It would again be a scene without extras, filmed in interior and armored HBO studios in Belfast.

The question is: When will resurrect Jon?

We track that according to our information is Jack Bender , head of Chapters 5 and 6, who handled the filming in Zafra Castle (Tower of Joy). In fact, we also received leaks in other ways that those scenes were Chapter 6. resuscitate mid-season would certainly be a good stunt. Although Chapter 6 will already be cargadito in King’s Landing …

Kit Harington - Jon Snow - Season Six

After resurrecting Jon, we know for certain where it will be in the end of season: in the battle of Winterfell . Jon will lead to an army of northern proStarks and wild against a coalition of Boltons, Umbers and Karstarks. Before the battle will have a scene full of tension with Ramsay himself, Sansa and Pinkie in Winterfell.

The battle will be one of the highlights of the season peaks . It has received from the extras and technical teams nicknames Snowbowl (duel between Ramsay Snow, now legitimized, and Jon Snow), The Battle of the Six armies and battle the bastards.

In that battle with the participation of several Starks, there will be deaths of famous people and veteran of several seasons, giant, direwolves, crucified types … The perpetrator shall be Miguel Sapochnik , we both liked responsible Battle House austere and this year is responsible for directing the last two chapters of the sixth season.

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